Sunday, 1 September 2013
The Ministry of Justice does not want the convicted terrorist Samir Azzouz, who is subject to conditions, to be released on 5th September 2013. The Public Prosecutor (OM) is going to court to prevent Azzouz walking free from the prison gate. Early in September, Azzouz will have completed two-thirds of his sentence.

Samir A. was a member of the ‘Hofstad group’ . Together with a few others, he was the driving force behind the group which had serious plans to commit terrorist attacks; including on Dutch politicians. Azzouz was sentenced to nine years in prison. In the search of his home a farewell video was found in which Samir A. says that he had committed an attack.

Convicted prisoners, who have served two thirds of their sentence, can be released under certain conditions. A spokeswoman confirmed, on Friday, that the court prosecutors in Rotterdam will, on Wednesday, request postponement or cancellation. She would not say, on what grounds does the prosecution (OM) would make its request. The spokeswoman indicated that a decision of the court would probably come a week later.

Samir A. was held last year in his cell as the Justice department suspected he was preparing an attack from prison. But this suspicion of the Public Prosecutor Department (OM) could not be proved and therefore the case against him was dropped. However, Azzouz admitted that, in prison, he had had secret letter contact with Sabir K.: who was jailed in anticipation of a now-blocked extradition to the United States. After investigation, it became clear that these notes were not about an attack.

The lawyer, Tamara Buruma, does not want to respond prior to the case.
Source: De Telegraaf


Anonymous said...

We only can hope the Public Prosecutor and other authorities will have enough guts to say NO! Judges in the Netherlands are too often leftists and are choosing the side of the convicted instead of the safety of the public. The man is a very dangerous terrorist. He is ready to hit again whenever he can.

Anonymous said...

The public doesn't yet seem to understand that the majority of laws, in every EU country, are now determined and drafted from the EU in Brussels; therefore, "national interest" is deliberately ignored as a defining consideration when dealing with terrorism which is, of course, a threat to the nation. Those in power within outwardly 'national' infrastructures (judiciary, police, politicians, media, academia) are well rewarded financially and in other ways, for their services to the EU.

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