Monday, 2 September 2013
Shortly after half past five this morning [31st Aug], a 18-year-old woman was raped in Aarhus city center.

East Jutland Police are appealing for witnesses.

The woman explained that she was on her way home after a night out - there is a festival in Aarhus. Three young men accosted her in Mindegade.

Two of the men held her while a third raped her.

The 18-year-old has only been able to provide the police with a little information, but she describes the three as being of Middle Eastern origin.

The rapist is described as being of heavy build.

Police are particularly interested in speaking with a witness who shouted at the perpetrators, who then fled.
Source: Ekstrabladet


Anonymous said...

Don't ever walk home on your own, especially when you're a female, especially not at night, especially when there's a festival or similar event

Anonymous said...

Five o'clock in the morning is not exactly night. The sun in northern Europe is already shining. Lot of people (inclusive women) are going here, at that time, by bike on their way to work. That the girl dared to walk home alone, means it is normal for women and girls in Denmark to do so. As a matter of fact, it was!. Till the moment sleazy (especially leftist, but not only them) politicians in western an northern Europe, with second agenda, had decided to fill our clean environment with imported vermin’s from the Middle East, Muslim and African countries. The girl is - together with lot of other women and girls – just another victim to this political second agenda. In the very near future, it would be even worse. Our next imported guests – pardon refugees – are fond of raping little children, cannibalism and butchering people they don’t like. They are coming now by thousands, every day, in the direction of Europe and they are hungry for fresh meat.

Anonymous said...

This is the multicultural experiment that has been forced upon all of us in Europe and beyond. We the people don't want it, but time and time again our politicians openly embrace immigration for backward lunatics from the Middle East.

When will it stop? When will someone in power wake up and realise that mass immigration from that awful part of the world just isn't doing their country any good?

Surely our politicians have seen the reports of mass killings, torture, honour killings, acid attacks, widespread rape, Islamic violence (like the Muslim patrols in London), terrorism etc to realise that they are not wanted or indeed needed to help stabilise a country or it's economy. They bring nothing but pain and anguish with them soon followed by demands for more and more measures to ensure their 'integration' is on their terms.

I pray for the day when the EU is dissolved, and all those responsible for this awful Communist-like regime are tried in court for their crimes. Hopefully it will happen in my lifetime. I just hope the situation improves before my children are too old to realise what is going on around them, and just how dangerous Europe has become thanks to these violent immigrants.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2 September 2013, 09.55
In your comment, you ask the following questions: a) “When will it stop? b) When will someone in power wake up and realise that mass immigration from that awful part of the world just isn't doing their country any good?”
The answer is: a) it will stop WHEN WE WILL WANT IT TO STOP! and it doesn’t cost “Blood, Sweet and Tears’ (Winston Churchill in the House of Common, 13 May 1940). It takes just a walk to the polling station and vote for anti Islam and anti immigration party. b) “When will someone in power wake up and realise that mass immigration etc.”? All today “someone’s in power” are not really interested in how their indigenous voters are living, or even what they think. Most of those ‘someone’s’ are sleazy and have their own second agenda. From the moment they get a mandate from their voters, they transform into Olympus gods. The EU is their own creation: an Eldorado of ‘Dolce Vita Brussel style’. They would not give up a lifetime chance to live like a real ‘jet set’. See the Dutch video on European Parliament

Anonymous said...

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