Sunday, 29 September 2013
"Zinoun Bouchra, a teacher of Moroccan origin living in Treviso, has joy and enthusiasm in his voice: "We want to build a bridge between different cultures to create moments of encounter and, we hope, peace."

Zinoun Bouchra and his association InterMed Cultura, as the local newspaper writes with admiration, "are getting ready to win a sensational victory if you take into account the history of Treviso.". Did not the former Northern League mayor of the town, Giancarlo Gentilini, called "the sheriff", invite the Muslims to go "piss in their mosques" instead of pissing on the walls of houses? But those times are passed: Gentilini was condemned for incitement to racial hatred, and Treviso, since last June, has been controlled by the left.

The victory of Zinoun Bouchra is occurring within the public educational group Coletti, based in Treviso, (two nurseries, five primary schools and two secondary schools). Pupils of the 3rd and 5th years of elementary school will now have lessons in Arab language and culture "to learn the Arabic alphabet, and the history and the culture from which so many of the classmates originate. And all of that during class hours." The timetable will be four hours per week throughout the year, "while respecting both Italian festivals and Arab festivals". Even better, "the initiative won't cost the school anything: it is being entirely paid for by the Moroccan government," which is covering the salaries of the two teachers "whose native language is Arabic."

The educational group Coletti is promoting these lessons with the slogan "Open yourself up to the world," and makes clear it is aimed not just at children, but adults: "students, teachers and everyone interested in discovery and encounter."

The initiative is praised by the national daily La Stampa, using pure multiculturalist jargon, as a model to be followed in all of Italy. Treviso feels "a justified pride", because it is the first time that an Italian school has organised free lessons "to initiate children so young into Arabic language and culture". "It's the sign of a society that is changing, which is more open to cultures different from our own and that belong to our classmates, including from the linguistic point of view, the first and most basic instrument of communication with the other."

The information site Noreporter, directed by Gabriele Adinolfi, relays the information under the magnificent headline: "Once we learned Latin." Enough said.
Source: Novopress


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Slogan "Open yourselves up to the world". Learn from other cultures, things like honor killing children, beheading, burkas, throwing acid, burning down churches, hand and foot amputations, Belsan school massacre, Westgate Mall massacre, Mumbia India massacre, child marriage, etc. You must teach them while they are young that all cultures have equal value. Instead of filling young minds with culture destroying nonsense, they should teach them about the Battle of Lepanto. Or beter yet, the Martyrs of Otranto, who would rather give up there life than bow down to a religion of dog vomit.

Anonymous said...

Imperialism! We europeans must resist this to our last breath!

Anonymous said...

Will they also teach the children the barbaric practices of hilal and stoning adulterers?

What absolute twaddle. Italian parents should withdraw their children from this multi culti brainwashing school in protest.

Anonymous said...

that is NOT going to end well......

Adem Joe said...

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