Wednesday, 18 September 2013
Antwerp City Hall today presented a brochure that might help local authorities and civil society organisations combat latent Muslim radicalism among youths. The manual is an initiative of the Mayors of Antwerp, Maaseik, Mechelen and Vilvoorde referring to the departure, or possible departure, of young people from those cities to Syria. The manual has been created with the support of the federal and Flemish governments.

In recent months, dozens of young people from Flanders have been drawn to Syria to fight in the civil war. They are often motivated by extremist beliefs, to which they were stirred up by recruiters. "The media always focuses always on the ‘Syria Fighters’. This brochure is meant to intervene earlier, when young people and youths are considering going to fight in Syria, or when they come into contact with the ideas that could bring them to that conclusion”, explains Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever ( N - VA ). The brochure includes both an informative section on what (Muslim) radicalism exactly is and what factors may play a role in it, as well as a set of recommendations for prevention policy and practice.

"This brochure will hopefully open many eyes”, said Hans Bonte (Socialist Party) , Mayor of Vilvoorde. "Radicalisation is a phenomenon that can crop up where you least expect it and can have influence all kinds of families or groups of young people”.

The manual is called "Mastering Muslim radicalisation - Guide for Policy and Practice " and was 8,750 copies were printed provisionally and will be distributed to local governments and civil society organisations. They can also be found on the website of the Flemish government.
Source: EJ Bron


Michael C said...

"when they come into contact with the ideas that could bring them to that conclusion”.
This is when they attend the indoctrination, command and control centre.

Full Auto said...

Imagine a large hive of docile European honey bees. The bees gaurding the hive entrance thought it would be a good idea to allow into the hive a swarm of African killer bees. The killer bees are outnumbered by the honey bees nevertheless they go quickly to work killing the honey bees and their unborn larvae. They seek to capture and interbreed with the European queen bee and take over the hive creating new swarms of hybrib freaks....

Oh but these killer bees are just like us say the gaurd bees. We will have a wonderful hive enriched and filled with diversity!


Mercenaries are illegal under international law,but the best that these commie apologists can come up with is a glossy pamphlet,could it be that they are not really trying?

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