Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Joëlle Milquet, Belgian deputy prime minister and minister for the equality of opportunities, thinks Belgium should do more to help Syrian refugees.
There are two million refugees in the camps, in dreadful conditions, and four million displaced. That makes six million people to help!

...European countries should take the wounded into their hospitals. We should relieve the burden on Libya, Turkey. And not remain spectators.

...We could do what Sweden has done, and welcome the displaced persons with a provisional status, not permanent.
Source: LeSoir.be


Anonymous said...


Reality Check said...

We are being replaced, and no one is calling the political elite on it. What a terrible future they are building for us.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Please God, raise up another Charles Martel. Has Western Man become so enfeebled as to allow their offspring to grow up as serfs and vassals to a foreign faith and culture. Is it too late already to turn back the tide. No, hell no! It is time to organize and prepare for what needs to be done. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

parisclaims said...

Socialist scour their own countries for victims who need their "help" ( our money). If they start to run out of local victims they then scour the (3rd) world.


here we go again with the magic number,it seems that society is psychologically addicted to the number 6 million,the stench of the jew is overpowering,they will try anything to cram more wogs into our countries,we had this number before ww1,ww2,and practically every war since, anywhere in the world,if the wogs want to fight,let them get on with it,it is NOT our responsibility.

Anonymous said...

"....Joëlle Milquet, Belgian deputy prime minister and minister for the equality of opportunities, thinks Belgium should do more to help Syrian refugees...."

That's fine for him to say that - after all, as bad an example of a free democracy as the EU hub Belgium is - it is still a democray and he has the right to say that.

But he should not speak o other peoples' behalf - and should put his OWN money where his mouth is and invite several Syrian families to live in his house - and personally pay for all their expenses, teach them French and tell them they are not allowed to touch his wife/daughters/goats etc

Anonymous said...

And why couldn't my greatgrandparents and grandparents flee the Netherlands when hitler invaded, but these goatfuckers (not talking about the Christians who live there as well and are being murdered) can flee Syria. Fucking bullshit!

Anonymous said...

They should go to live in Israel, after all with American money it's a rich multicultural democracy, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Leftists' (and by extension "westerners' ") messianic complex makes laugh.

Wa, ha, ha, ha...

What a 'good' consequence broughts you euro-centrist way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous "....What a 'good' consequence broughts you euro-centrist way of thinking....."

At the very least, good education and an ability to form sentences correctly. Something quite clearly many tards and other armchair critics do not have.


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