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As I was thinking about Bat Ye'or blaming Charles de Gaulle for the islamisation of Europe, it occurred to me that the idea was as ridiculous as blaming Elvis Presley for the "latinisation" of the USA. Of course there's not a shred of evidence to support either claim. But that hasn't stopped her, so why should it stop me? Here's a parody of Bat Ye'or. But just to remind you, first let's have a taste of the real thing.
After Algeria gained its independence in 1962, de Gaulle set out to reorient France’s policy toward the Arab/Islamic world. He pursued economic and strategic long-range planning designed to unite the European and Arab countries of the Mediterranean into a single, interdependent economic bloc that would oppose America.
Bat Ye'or

French officials did not congratulate Israel for its lightning victory over Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinian Arabs—who were all supported by the rest of the Arab and Muslim world. Five days after the UN Resolution 242—rejected by the Arab countries—de Gaulle, in a press conference on November 27, 1967, condemned Israel’s foreign policy. He presented France’s cooperation with the Arab world as ‘‘the fundamental basis of our foreign policy.’’13 The Association of Franco-Arab solidarity was created at that time, with the blessing and participation of distinguished Gaullist diplomats, ministers, and intellectuals.
Bat Ye'or

After Elvis' popularity had begun to fade in the US, he set out to reorient his appeal to a broader international market, particularly in the Latin American world. He pursued strategic long-range planning designed to unite the Anglo-Saxon culture of the United States with the seductive, samba-oriented culture of the Latinized South. He consciously began introducing Spanish phraseology into his songs. To help achieve his strategic goals, in 1963 he made a film set in Mexico: Fun in Acapulco. By an extraordinary "coincidence", one of the songs from this film, Bossa Nova Baby, reached the number one position in the charts in the very same week that president Kennedy was assassinated. It was as if Elvis wanted to rub America's nose in it, marking the end of the era when white rule would go unchallenged and the dawn of a new one, in which the brown man's voice would "at last" be heard. Another song from the same film, Vino, Dinero y Amor (Wine, Money and Love) was effective in popularising the degenerate Latino lifestyle among Americans, powerfully contributing to the break-down of the rigorous Puritan work ethic that had once made America great.

Kennedy's death created the emotional impetus that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965. The death knell had been sounded for white America. The Civil Rights Act offered benefits to negroes but few to Hispanics. Elvis' efforts had not yet had time to reach full fruition. The Hispanic lobby - no doubt encouraged behind the scenes by Presley, although, of necessity, such surreptitious efforts leave no records behind - realised that it needed to make greater efforts at political mobilisation. In 1968, the Ford Foundation, some of whose members were known to be fans of Presley, provided funding for the creation of the Southwest Council of La Raza, a pro-Mexican lobbying organisation which, in 1973, grew to become national in scope, renaming itself the National Council of La Raza. Receiving money from the trade unions as well as the Ford Foundation, it was soon extending its tentacles of influence throughout the political realm. According to the boast on its own website, it has become "the most powerful political force in Washington"*, influencing and shaping legislation such as the NAFTA Free Trade Act.

Elvis' Hispanicisation efforts culminated in 1970 with another song whose entire title was in Spanish, Allá en el Rancho Grande. In the very same year the Association of Mexican American Students was founded at the University of Texas, Arlington. Over the years it would act as a conduit for pro-Latino propaganda, releasing a constant stream of messages in praise of so-called Mexican-American solidarity.

By now, Presley felt he had done enough cultural "softening up" and could enter the political sphere directly. On December 21 1970, Elvis met President Richard Nixon at the White House. The meeting remained a secret until the Washington Post broke news of it two years later. How Presley influenced Nixon can now never be known for certain but almost immediately Nixon began to divert vast amounts of government funding to Latinos, leading to him being called America's first "Latino Vote" president.
In 1970 and 1971, though, with polls showing him in political trouble, Nixon began all the dirty tricks against Democrats later uncovered by the Watergate investigations. He also began politicizing his Latino appointees and the programs they administered. The Nixon administration had more Latino political appointees than any presidency, including those of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Those numbers were not exceeded until President Bill Clinton’s administrations.

Tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions, were involved. Education, health, small business, community action and other programs were affected. At one point, something like $47 million dollars earmarked for Latino programs alone were involved. Some of this funding was on a one-year basis and ineligible for refunding — meaning it was only funding during that election year.

Some called it the Nixon Hispanic Strategy. Others labeled it the Nixon Chicano Strategy because so much of it involved funding directed at Mexican Americans and Mexican American programs in Texas, California and the Southwest.

Worse, there were bribes, including to Latino judges, among them a prominent member of the bench in Houston — all just to get their support and endorsements for the president’s re-election.

At one point in the campaign, Nixon traveled to South Texas accompanied by many of these appointees, including Henry Ramirez, the chairman of the Cabinet Committee; Ramona Banuelos, the U.S. Treasurer; and Phillip Sanchez, the head of the Office of Economic Opportunity. They were with Nixon at a South Texas high school where the president played the piano and led the student body in singing “Happy Birthday” to a local Hispanic Congressman.

Nixon’s Hispanics did their political job well. Nixon won California, Texas and the Southwest by big margins. He received 40 percent of the Latino vote, by most estimates and analysts.

When, in 1977, Elvis sat back to consume his last burger, he knew his efforts had proven effective. The Latin hordes were by now streaming across the American border. Already they were dreaming of the day when they could "take back" what they claimed had once been theirs and change the name of "Los Angeles" to "The Angels".
Bat Ye'or Parody

*This is an intentional misquote to parodise Ye'or's misquote of de Gaulle. The actual quote on the website says "NCLR has become a powerful political force in Washington".

Although it hopefully seems funny, this actually is the style of argumentation that Bat Ye'or uses in her Eurabia book. There is a skeletal framework of facts, artfully arranged to create the impression of some sinister connectedness between them. Virtually all of the factual claims I make in the parody are true too.


Timmy said...

Whatever, one has to give her credit for her body of work, she coined the term dhimmi. And no one denies that the Europeans consciously decided to Islamize their countries.

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

Anonymous said...

OT but the Swedish government has announced that it is now offering open-ended asylum to the entire population of Syria, approximately 20 million people. The spokesman said that "very few" applicants will be rejected.

There are no words. With this action, Sweden has essentially declared war on the rest of Europe, just as Hitler did by invading Poland in 1940. The difference is that the Germans went home after five years. Our new countrymen will never leave, but will only continue to grow in numbers and make steadily increasing demands upon the native population.

As I have said before, there is nothing on this earth lower than a Swede.

Future historians, if there are any, will shake their heads at our suicidal insanity.

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