Thursday, 5 September 2013
"This attitude is completely unacceptable": Hannes Swoboda, MEP of the SPÖ and leader of the Social Democrats group in the EU Parliament, considers the ÖVP's idea offering preferential asylum to Christians when receiving 500 Syrian refugees. "Protecting Christians and not others is not a good approach for a Foreign Minister," he said, expressing irritation in an interview with the STANDARD about relevant statements made by the Vice-Chancellor and ÖVP leader Michael Spindelegger.

Apart from distinguishing between "good and less good refugees", Swoboda feels that such an approach would have another consequence: "Then we shouldn't be surprised when a Muslim country says sometime it's going to help only Muslims."

He is not the only one in Brussels who is against the plan of Spindelegger, Mikl-Leitner and co. Jörg Leichtfried, SPÖ delegation leader in the EU Parliament, says: "The Austrian republic is a state in which church and state are separated - and therefore religious affiliation is not a reason for being accepted preferentially."


Anonymous said...

Sharia is an essential feature of Islam and all Islamic countries use it as the basis of their laws and social systems and 57 Islamic nations are signatories to the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam in which Sharia is stated to be the basis and the determinant for all aspects of life, including jurisprudence (Articles 19, 24 & 25). Sharia is predicated upon Islam's inherent inequality between the Moslem and non-Moslem, the male and female, and the free and the enslaved (all of which is upheld in its central texts, the Koran, Hadiths and Islamic Law manuals such as the 'Umdat al-Salik).

Therefore, all Islamic countries are religion-centred, there is no separation between mosque and state, the religion is essentially the governance.

In Islamic law, it is forbidden to give Zakat, 'charity,' to a non-Moslem; therefore, Christians are never recipients of such charity and are unlikely ever to be offered assistance, such as refuge, by Islamic countries.

It is Islamic countries which are creating these wars in which millions of people are being persecuted and deliberately displaced and forced into exile from their ancestral homelands. The main group being so deprived or murdered, raped and faced with forced conversion, are Christians.

Thus, the reasons presented by these Austrian politicians for attempting to deny refuge to genuine refugees of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION, are ill-informed, bigoted and inhumane. They are actually attempting to ignore what Moslems are doing to Christians by perverting the very concept of granting refuge in presenting it as asking to be "accepted preferentially."

And, it is probably also necessary to educate these Austrian politicians of the Islamic warfare waged on Austria through the centuries, and particularly Vienna laid siege to twice, ending with the great Victory at the Gates of Vienna on 11-12 September 1683.

It is unlikely the Catholic Church in Austria will come to the assistance of these Syrian Christians; it permitted a Moslem gang of illegal 'asylum seekers' to invade, occupy and desecrate a main church in Vienna for several months and then turned over a kloster to them for their 'continued sanctuary.' It seems that Christian Churches all over the West were infiltrated by the Left decades ago and are part of the policy of destruction of the West and its Christian peoples.

Anonymous said...

Just checked out Swoboda: he works for the inclusion of Turkey into the EU and champions the gypsies (aka 'roma' to the PC MC crowd), so no surprise he opposes Christians being granted refuge from persecution.

mony said...

leftists in europe totally ignore from Christians situation in middle east. it is amzing...
also, saying that preferring christians upon muslims is a bad thing is simply another symptom of the denial they r in toward the islamization of europe.

Anonymous said...

Muslim countries not only are not helping non muslim, but they also oppress and murder non muslims. What a moron Ms Soboda is, she is really a useful idiot.

Reality Check said...

"Then we shouldn't be surprised when a Muslim country says sometime it's going to help only Muslims." Uhhh, Swoboda, that is already the policy of the Muslim countries. Where have you been keeping your head, in the sand?

jain jose said...

are this european politicians trying to throw christianity out of europe on behalf of muslims

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot - and needs to be exposed.

parisclaims said...

Socialists hate Christianity so much they are prepared to embrace islam. Wouldn't the perfect solution to most of the world's problems be to divide the world into two halves, socialists and muslims on one side and regular human beings on the other?

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