Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Jews deliberately brought Hitler to power. They funded him, supported him, promoted him in the media they controlled, then incited him to start the Holocaust. They went into the gas chambers with a look of smug satisfaction on their faces. Why? Because they knew that in the aftermath of the war, the Holocaust would be used as a weapon against Europeans for ever more. Their hatred for Europeans was so great that European Jewry was willing to engineer its own destruction just to inflict harm on the hated gentile.

Nutty conspiracy theory? Obviously. And in case there's any doubt, I don't believe this. It's off-the-charts insane. Anyone who expounded this wacko interpretation of history would be excluded from polite, and even impolite, company; would cease to be published; would be dismissed as a madman.

But expound exactly the opposite conspiracy theory and you'll find that doors open up to you; you can be paid well for your efforts; you can win plaudits in polite company.
In Paris, the Jews are advised to “walk in groups”, never alone. Better if above the kippah they wear a baseball hat. Half of the Jewish families in Villepinte, a proletarian suburb north of the capital, have left and the local synagogue, already burned down in 2011, is no longer able to set up the required 10-man quorum, called a minyan, for prayer.

Joel Mergui, historic leader of the Jews of Paris, has warned: “The mass migration is likely to clear the capital of the community”. It is a drama silenced by the French media: “Of the 600,000 Jews in France, only one third is in contact with the community and educates their children in Jewish schools. A third is about to be assimilated, and a third is on the fence”.

Nazism, Barth said, “is ... a religious institution of salvation. It is impossible to understand National Socialism unless we see it in fact as a new Islam”.

50,000 Jews have left France since 1990. But alongside real emigration, there is a new phenomenon which is difficult to count. That of the 30,000 French Jews who spend most of the year in Israel, but who have not yet taken out citizenship. 800 Jewish marriages occur every year in the town hall of Paris, but half of these are celebrated in Israel.

After the massacre at the Jewish school in Toulouse, in which a Muslim killed a Jewish rabbi and three children, Richard Prasquier, president of the Conseil des institutions repr√©sentatif juives de France (CIJF), stated that in France there is “an Islam of war” and he compared it to Nazism.

Political Islam is the latest totalitarian ideology chosen by Europe to liquidate the Jewish people.
Source: IsraelNationalNews

Here we have the latest twist on Europe's unfolding tragedy. We are to blame for our own genocide, it seems. We decided to extinguish our own civilisation because we hate Jews so much.

The theory that Europeans decided to let their continent be overrun by Muslims so the Muslims would get the Jews for us is on a par with claims that Jews kidnap gentile babies and sacrifice them in secret religious rituals. But while anyone making that claim in the modern world would be shunned or laughed at, the author of the article quoted - Giulio Meotti, who is not himself a Jew but seems to make a living by pandering to their anti-European prejudices - is respectfully received.

Like many oriental interpretive theories, this one replaces factual evidence with emotionalism and paranoiac moral drama. It, of course, completely disregards the fact that Europeans were and are opposed to mass immigration from the third world, especially of Muslims; that Jews have been and are among the foremost proponents of mass immigration and "diversity", but only in European societies, not Israel; and that they have wielded the "Nazi stick" with ruthless effectiveness to suppress any dissent from the murmuring gentiles.

The islamisation of Europe is a secondary, unintended and unforeseen effect of the promotion of anti-nationalism as a moral ideal. The intellectual and political activism of diaspora Jews has been key to the establishment of this ideal in the minds of our ruling class. Like so many Jewish machinations designed to ward off antisemitism (support for the Muslim invaders in Spain, support for Communism), this one has gone catastrophically wrong, both for the Jews themselves as well as the victimised Europeans.

Yet still we see no sign of Jews assuming moral responsibility for the consequences of the choices they made. Nor will we see any. Because the Chosen People, like Muslims, can do no wrong. Both sets of Oriental peoples find it impossible to admit fault. Instead, they construct paranoiac conspiracy theories blaming others for the consequences of the choices they made.

Like Islamophobia, the mythical antisemitism the theory refers to is, of course, an example of the phenomenon psychologists refer to as "projection": attributing to others the emotions you feel yourself. Peoples who have an ideological sense of estrangement from the rest of humanity, who feel a sense of contempt for the unclean Other, inevitably end up thinking that this is how everyone else sees them too. This is the psychological root of the fantastical conspiracising we see about Islamophobia and antisemitism.

What's really mysterious, though, is why Europeans would take any of this hateful anti-Europeanism seriously, much less why any European in the Counterjihad movement would do so. The article quoted above was published on IsraelNationalNews but republished, with implicit approval, on the Danish anti-Islam site The author has also been published on the anti-Islamic (or is it just pro-Jewish?)

Why do Europeans involved in resisting the Islamic invasion of their continent give so much currency to the very ideas and ideals (the Europeans as Nazis motif, anti-nationalism, human rights) that brought the invasion about in the first place? It is a sign of how morally and intellectually cowed and beaten Europeans are that we are unable or unwilling to construct our own interpretive frameworks to analyse what is happening to us. Just as we watch American movies and television series because our own are so bad, even on matters of crucial importance to the future of our countries and our descendants, we are forced to see ourselves as others see us, internalising and accepting their frames of reference, even though they have no inherent interest in our well-being and are often hostile towards us.

In some ways, though, it's fitting that it should end this way. The entire European Genocide has been driven by accusing Europeans of harbouring pathological, malignant feelings towards non-Europeans. To defend themselves against these accusations, they have consented to their lands being repopulated by aliens. Then, once the genocide is complete and European civilisation is but a memory, the whole thing can be written up in the history books blaming it on the pathological, malignant feelings Europeans had towards non-Europeans. They hated them so much, they let them take over their countries and extinguish their civilisation! Just how pathological and malignant can anyone be!


Anonymous said...

They did finance hitler... thats a historical fact. With what reason we can only gues.

But agree the pamela crowd( who finance freedom party in netherlands/demonizing rightwing) hates europeans even more then most muslims.. Its al part of a divide and conquer strategy, we so focust on the islamic threat so we dont notice the jews total control of the media culture and politics.

Keep it up Zakalwe, i like how you dont let yourself be captured under a label. Good job!

mony said...

I didn't real the full article, since i could guess by reading less than half what is your point.
my comment is regarding the news source u r quoting
" IsraelNationalNews". it is a minor, marginal news source read by no more of few percent of Israelis. it is NOT one of the main news sources in israel. not even close. and it is another stupid , not important articles that goes without notice by vast majority of Israelis, and for good reason.

Anonymous said...

"..mythical antisemitism.."

there were many cases in history, of human xenophobia blown up disproportionately, resulting in mass murders and genocides.
the extermination of European Jewry during WW2 is one of such cases.
these are not myths but facts.

then, several bloggers who regularly leave "Juden Raus" style commens on this site - they are not mythical either.

BNP, Jobbick, Golden Down are not myths.
they believe in reality of Jewish conspiracy and if given power, will start solving "Jewish question".

"Chosen people" mantra is by itself an example of projection.
you do presume that indigenous Europeans deserve their own way - which is supposed to be The Leading Way, otherwise leadership is to be left to somebody else. which isn't only humiliating, but also dangerous, as many examples from history suggest.

albeit that greed for exclusiveness is natural, one can't be objectively an absolute leader in every field of human activity.

Italian, German, British, Russian "exclusivenesses" were feeding and simulating each other for millenia. (yes and Jewish is there as well). and now Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans are bringing their "exclusive" contributions. it is named progress.
so just leave it as it is, - it is OK.

we won't come in the night demanding your children's blood for our matzos, motivating by our "Chosen People" status.

we will rather try to add up to world's culture and human flourishing, to earn some recognition - as individuals not as group.

the strange fact that half-dosen egalitarian utopianist dreamers active in post WW2 times, happened to be Jewish, - doesn't mean that "The intellectual and political activism of diaspora Jews has been key to the establishment of this [anti-nationalist] ideal in the minds of our ruling class."
the majority of Jews don't know and never knew about this "conspiracy", which is now supposedly, attributed to all of them as group.

in the end, your site is called "Islam versus Europe", - why won't you rename it to be "Islam and Jews versus Europe".
..hopefully not all sense of proportion is lost?


Anonymous said...

the majority of Jews don't know and never knew about this "conspiracy", which is now supposedly, attributed to all of them as group.

not all jews are Zionists, but unfortunately it's the case of one bad apple ruining the rest. And it's far from a conspiracy, it's impossible not to see that there is a clear agenda by those in charge aimed at the complete destruction of western European civilization to be replaced by a giant mixed race group of slaves, easy to control and manipulate in the system.

King Lear said...

Neither Kippa nor Keffiyeh. All foreign interlopers, including the Jews, should return to their ancestral homelands. Europe for Europeans and only for Europeans.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of non jewish leftists who flay themselves at the altar of multiculturalism. They are the reason for its implementation. In Australia Jews hardly had a hand in it. It was done by the leftist ALP under the Irish Al Grassby and various ethnics from the post World War Two mass immigration that Australians never asked for. poles Greeks and Italian academics along with other leftists are responsible for its implementation in Australia Zionism is just Jewish nationalism and as such it should be the same as every other nationalism, I hope the Jews get the West Bank it was their historic land and the Muslims are historic enemies of Europe.

Anonymous said...

"Europe for Europeans and only for Europeans"

define "European".

Are Hungarians "Europeans"?
they arrived to Europe WAY AFTER Jews.

If you say "Europe for non-Jews" that will be more exact.

Anyway, - how far do you want to roll back history?

Is "America for Americans" only (meaning Amerindians)?
Is Australia for aborigenes only?
Or, "Europeans" should be allowed there?
Meaning "non-Jewish Europeans" certainly.

Why do you judge so surely on who can live where, and who can't?

And why "non-Jewish Europeans" can live wherever they wish and others don't?

Are you a "Chosen" one, the only one who have the right to decide for yourself and others?

Anonymous said...

The opening paragraph needs correcting:
Hitler received some funding from jewish bankers - you can make of that what you. will. There was some co operation between jewish leaders and nazi Germany - jewish leaders used German disdain for jewish domination of Germany as impetus to create a jewish homeland, turning what for jews was a negative into a positive.
There is plenty of evidence of jewish hatred for gentiles - specifically white Christian Europeans - evidence documented over 2000 years of recorded history, that much of this evidence is now suppressed is a moot point.
Back here in the present jewish control of the West- control of the media, banking and governments - is overwhelming. In 2002 Sharon said 'we jews control America'. David Cameron joked 'there are so many jews in the Tory party it ought to be renamed the torah party'.
But let's ignore all this- let's determine who are friends and enemies according to whether or not they support the white genocide. Its a simple way to view the world and what's happening to white people in the countries they used to call their own. Because there are no white countries any more- the only thing white people have now is their identity- let's work on that and see where it leads us.

Anonymous said...

Many jews have stated on the public record 'if there was no Hitler there would be no lsrael - thanks a lot Mr Hitler'.
Now we can state 'if there were no jews pushing the immivasion along there would still be white countries - thanks a lot jews'

Unknown said...

You can 'shun or laugh' - or both but in the early 2000's an ltalian (jewish) professor published a book about jewish ritual slaughter of genile (mostly) children. He researched the historical records - his conclusion was that in all probability it was true. After publication there was immense pressure applied as you can well imagine - the book was withdrawn from sale. It is available in pdf form if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

"..jewish ritual slaughter of genile (mostly) children.."

Hebrew's "holy book" is Torah, the Old Testament.
there is specific passage there referring to the ritual slaughter of human children.
google "Isaac sacrifice".
it specifically FORBIDS the practice, which is considered PRE-JEWISH and barbaric.
abolition of human sacrifices had FORMATIVE influence on Jews and non-Jews alike.

one can find the overtones of barbaric rituals in Christian tradition as well.
google "Blessed Sacrament Eucharist cannibalism".

there are deluded orthodox Jewish sect who wants destruction of Israel.

and there is deluded Jewish professor (Chomsky) who sides with jihadis against Israel.

there are 9/11 truthers as well.
and Lunar truthers.

when your arguments and references in the discussion become twisted and/or formulated exclusively by clowns and marginal cretins - this is sure sign you are making strong points.

Anonymous said...

Hebrews "holy book" is not Torah - as you well know. Hebrews "holy book" is Talmud.
Many jews hate jesus and many jews hate Christians.
Self-determination is okay for everyone but white people - jews have a large hand in bringing about the white genocide. When was the last time you saw a jew bemoaning the destruction of Western civilisation and white disappearance - the answer is never. On the contrary l have seen and heard jews gloating over the white genocide. That white disappearance may or may not be good for jews is irrelevant - its happening anyway regardless of how you perceive the consequences.
We don't need to talk about jews here - we do need to talk about how to preserve the white European civilisation - how to save our white race - the very race our detractors tell us doesn't exist. We do exist and we must continue to exist despite what we are told by our rulers.
If youre non-white and residing in a white country and youre not appreciative of white civilisation and white people you should leave now. If you have a problem with this statement it can only be because you are anti-white - which just goes to prove that you are in fact the problem. Go live amongst your own kind, undoubtedly you will be much happier surrounded by your own tribe.

Anonymous said...


"..Torah = the Written Torah (Torah shebikhtav), the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (also called the Tanakh); can also be used to refer to the entirety of Jewish teachings.."

you write -
"jews have a large hand in bringing about the white genocide."

first of all could you please define "white".

second, the best documented historical genocide in Europe is genocide of Jews.

I repeat - non-Jewish Europeans were involved in wars, and that included organized murder of civilians, through their history.
there were no Jewish armies participating in that slaughter, never.
there was no Judaism inspired motivation either.

so you are trying to convince people about "genocide" of some undefined "whites", by Jews who were always minority and never had any history of violence.

this is simply put trolling.
so good bye White Troll.

Anonymous said...

Language, please. You call me a "troll" to shut me up - better to refute my statement, if you can.
Any jew not engaged in obfuscation will tell you the torah is read through the talmud, not the other way around. The talmud contains all sorts of anti-Christian and by extension anti-white filth, you know this but you don't let on.

You ask me to define the white race, the unspoken implication being that there is no such thing. Common sense and you own eyes tell you white people exist. The Indo-European race has dna markers that are easily identified. You will claim there is no such thing as the white race - you do this to de-legitimise white people thus making them more susceptible to your twisted logic. You will suggest theres no such thing as the white race because the kind of policies you advocate are inimical to the white race and should more properly be described as genocidal.
You state: "the best documented genocide in Europe is genocide of jews". l cant see that that has any relevance to the present day destruction of European civilisation - the immivasion is happening right now and shows no sign of abating.
Jews have played and continue to play a central role in encouraging the immivasion - and by extension white dissolution and disappearance. l can only think that jews must believe this will somehow benefit them - otherwise they would not advocate policies that are detrimental to whites and Western civilisation in general, would they?. l don't need to talk about what happened in the year 614.
ln 1900 whites constituted about 33% of the worlds population - right now they are about 8%. If the current demographic trends continue whites will soon disappear altogether. For example - California was 72% white one generation ago - now 38%. Whites are quickly becoming minorities in countries that a short time ago used to be described as white. You may like to perceive this as being a good thing - that is your perogative, however don't expect all whites to go meekly. Some of the people who died at Jonestown didn't willingly imbibe the koolaid. You sound like one of the guys who were dispensing it.
l am in favour of self-determination for all races - including the jewish race. l have never heard a jew advocate self-determination for white people, l don't hear it from the muslims either - or Africans or Chinese or Thai people, l don't hear it from any of the races and creeds who are flooding in to the white countries. When l say white people have a right to self-determination all l get is abuse and cries of "racist" and "nazi" are hurled at me - very strange indeed. l may as well become a "racist nazi" because as far as the brainwashed hordes are concerned that is what anyone who advocates for white people and Western civilisation is - if youre not pro white-genocide youre a nazi, really? If all of us whites were as braindead as you there really would be no hope for the white race.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about history please explain why all those who comprised the execution squad that murdered the Czar and his wonderful family were jews.
Its unfortunate that jews (and non-whites generally) will never admit any wrongdoing or display any kind of contrition but white people on the other hand are expected to crawl on their knees and beg forgiveness for their wrongdoing - and then make copious reparation, of course. Don't forget the reparation.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

"You can 'shun or laugh' - or both but in the early 2000's an ltalian (jewish) professor published a book about jewish ritual slaughter of genile (mostly) children. He researched the historical records - his conclusion was that in all probability it was true. After publication there was immense pressure applied as you can well imagine - the book was withdrawn from sale. It is available in pdf form if anyone is interested."

What was the name of the author and the book?

Anonymous said...

The remarks of Jews over Judaism on sites such as this one correspond to those of Moslems that most of those familiar with the facts about Islam have also read: Moslems deny certain verses existed in the Koran, or use those abrogated by later ones, deny that Abrogation was a doctrine in the Koran {'allah' confirms Abrogation in four separate verses in the Koran!}, then they deny any knowledge of the Hadiths, or the Sira, or Islamic law, attempt to dismiss mandates in Islam as 'mere cultural/tribal practices' and usually end up with accusing the non-Moslems of historical and totally unjustified hatred of Islam and Moslems. The Talmud and the Torah are the major texts in Judaism taught in all Yeshiva schools (Jewish faith schools) and the Talmud is the basis for rabbinical instruction. It is the Babylonian Talmud which is the relevant one and, being the written, codified result of earlier texts (mishnah and gemara), it frames much of its view of, and treatment of, non-adherents in terms which also relate to pre-Christians. In other words, the Talmud is not exclusively an anti-Christian text but certainly does have negative views and prescribed actions and laws towards all non-Jews/Hebrews/Israelites. It is these texts (Talmud and Torah) which have contributed significantly down the centuries towards anti-social problems and relationships. Also, Islam does take some of its most 'problematic' mandates from Talmudic/rabbinical teachings and the Hadiths relate the influence of former rabbis as converts to Islam and some of the tafsir (islamic equivalent of exegesis) were written by such converts. (Example: the Islamic mandate of stoning adulterers comes from the Torah and in one of the Hadiths where Muhamed is asked by Jews to adjudge a case of adultery, he asks them what their own Law teaches; when they attempt to hid the passage requiring stoning of adulterers, a former rabbi from Muhamed's followers steps forward and demands they read the correct passage whereupon Muhamed gives the order the adulterers be stoned and says "Woe to you Jews! What has induced you to abandon the judgment of God which you hold in your hands? I am the first to revive the order of God and His Book and to practice it.") Obviously, the Jews of that time were more compassionate (in early 600 AD) than they were when Jesus Christ, faced 600 years earlier with Jews intent on carrying out the Torah's order, called the Jews to examine their own consciences: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at her" and when they did not, and departed (their own consciences convicted them), then He said to the adulteress, "Neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more." This particular site is not one devoted to theology; but there are many examples of the Talmud and the Koran/Hadiths stating similar views on certain matters and the relevance of both texts to the present day is one of the issues, never discussed, which explains, in part, the West's weak and still ineffective response to civilisational threats to it.

Anonymous said...

Re CZ's mention of Front Page, readers of some counter-jihad sites will know that there is a controversy raging over a book by Diana West, American Betrayal, the theme of which is the infiltration into the US Government during Franklin Roosevelt's administration (1932-45) by Soviet agents and/or Soviet influence upon those in the administration. Front Page is one of the parties whose lead writers have criticised West and other cj sites are defending her. What they all leave unsaid is that one of the probable reasons for the controversy is that any airing of Soviet infiltration/influence raises the dreaded issue of the Jewish participation in the founding of and administration of Communism, especially the worst atrocities of it under the Soviet regime, including the genocide of Ukranians in their millions and of the millions of native Slavic peoples in purges and NKVD activities. At the site, Occidental Observer, there is an article by a Russian of that period in history, Sergei Semanov, which lists the names, ranks and ethnicities of those who headed the NKVD (the organisation authorised by the Soviet government to torture, imprison, exile and ultimately execute) anyone considered to be 'an enemy of the people'. These were the first Stalinist purges (1934-38) and the NKVD leaders then were: 19 Jews, 10 Russians, 4 Latvians, 2 Poles and 2 Georgians (51% Jews, 27% Russian at a time when Jews were reckoned as less than 2% of the overall population of the Soviet Union). This is a risky subject for the cj movement because as stated by cjers, at least 50% of the cj movement is made up of Jews. It raises the example, too, of how a minority can impose certain actions on and against a majority population of an entirely different ethnic and religious background which relates, obviously, to the present state of the West. This is also why certain topics: immigration (legal and illegal), halal/kosher, circumcision/fgm/sexual perversion/, deportation, sharia law/beth din law, free speech/'hate' speech laws, are seldom fully dealt with or challenges (legislative, social, political) mounted against them.

Anonymous said...

Soviet Union rulers were known for their systematic anti-Semitism.

Russian Czar's and his family were murdered by the squad of Latvians. Commander was a Jew.

It is true that the were disproportionately represented in Russian revolution's leadership.
The rebellion was by poor against rich.
They were oppressed twice - as poor people and as Jews.
Every other party in Russian civil war except for Reds, was involved in pogroms.

During revolution and after-years, religious practices of both Christianity and Judaism were abandoned.
There was never specific Jewish nationalist or xenophobic agenda.
Jews were inter-married with others.
I am myself mixed Jewish/Russian by that reason.

you are clearly deluded people.

Aurelius said...

None of which would have even remotely possible without the compliance of non-Jewish indigenous Europeans. Jews did not invade Europe. They were welcomed in. Jews did not take over European governments then rule by fiat. No, the elected officials were in full agreement with elite Jewish opinions.

The problem is that your argument attributes magical powers to a tiny group of people who compose a very small fraction of the population. By hard work and effort, Jews have become prominent in the control of the media, finance, academics, etc., and have the ability to influence and persuade.

Non-Jewish whites had complete control of the government, legal systems, police, military, immigration policy, the whole lot of it!

The ONLY thing Jews have been able to do is influence. They have done nothing at the point of a gun. It is the weak-minded, full-on Leftist, non-Jewish whites that have ALLOWED the multi-cult BS we have now!

Start holding THEIR feet to the fire!

Aurelius said...

Agree, but here again, it is the non-Jewish Europeans who will not enforce this. Instead, we sit on our bums and like fools, blame Jews who have the ability to control the minds of the masses through their supernatural powers and genius. We are helpless little kittens and cannot do anything on our own.... WHATEVER!

Here, let me help the its-all-the-Jews-fault nutters out there:

1) We don't like our immigration policies.
2) Start putting pressure on your ELECTED officials.
3) If that does not work, throw the bastards out and elect new officials who agree with you.
4) Rinse and repeat until PC laws are repealed.
5) Jews and other Leftist freaks will complain. Good, let them emmigrate out of your countries.

Oh but this takes too much effort and too many non-Jewish whites do not agree and we have no power to persuade ourselves.....

Fine, then sit back in your tiny little rooms and complain that its all the Jews fault!

Aurelius said...

Because the white race developed and established Western nations by any means necessary. These nations belong to the wjite race because we took them as our own by the law of the jungle -- survival -- which trumps all other law.

Now, if any would dare to invade and conquer our people and have the power to make our nations their own, then bring it on. In the meantime, you will play by OUR rules or get out of our lands until such time as we have a notion to throw you out.

How's that? Haven't heard that from a white man in awhile have you. This is the attitude that will be required to reclaim our nations...

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

No one, I think, at least certainly not me, is claiming that "it's all the Jews fault." As I have written about before, it is clear that there is a longstanding movement in European civilisation away from the default moral standard of the human race, namely kin group preference. This tendency has been apparent for more than 1000 years, long before Jews got involved.
Kevin Macdonald even argues that the tendency is genetically coded, based on the unique living conditions of small bands living in the cold climates of northern Europe.

No one disputes that any effect Jews have had depends on influence rather than physical force. But why is it improper to draw attention to that? It's like saying we shouldn't judge a con man too harshly because his victims believed him. The only relevant question is what happened with Jewish input and what would most likely have happened without it.

Europeans have a guilt-oriented culture with highly developed ethical standards. For any non-European people that finds itself having a conflict of interest with Europeans, it is a perfectly rational strategy for them to learn to mimic and manipulate the vocabulary of European universalist moral idealism in order to press our guilt buttons and induce us into being compliant with their own selfish interests, which are
not universalist in the least but rooted in an ethic of kin or in-group preference. Even Pakis do this today. It's just that Jews, being much more intellectually adept than Pakis, are particularly good at it.

You say we need to free ourselves from whatever influence spell has been cast on us and critique the leftists without whose support this catastrophe could not have happened. Well, yes. But analysing how this happened is surely the best way of freeing ourselves from the spell. And my point is that the harmful ideas have not just been accepted by leftists. They are pervasive in our society, and subscribed to even by the people in our society - Counterjihadists - who are trying to resist the worst effects of those ideas.

Distilled down to the simplest terms, Europeans have been browbeaten into accepting the repopulation of their countries by aliens through use of the "Europeans=Nazis" metaphor. Is it not striking, therefore, that Europeans trying to resist the most pernicious of the effects of this repopulation - namely islamisation - themselves are still prolific users of this metaphor?

Aurelius said...

All true. Yes, we should identify and condemn those, whatever their ethnicity may be, who participate or direct the ruin of Western nations. This is necessary and important. My hope is though that we do not get bogged down into a cultish mindset concerning Jews as some have.

Some have become entirely fixated on this which is not helpful.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Anonymous 12.52

There is no doubt that the communist regimes became antisemitic in their later decades. But that is because Jewish domination of them in earlier decades provoked a hostile reaction.

There are many reports that Jewish institutions were not subject to the same degree of disfavour as Christian institutions. Churchill, for example, wrote this in 1920:

In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed, the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people...The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with villainies which are now being perpetrated ...Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people.

Anonymous said...

"Europeans have been browbeaten into accepting the repopulation of their countries by aliens through use of the "Europeans=Nazis" metaphor"

that was because of 2 myths of bad antropolgy:

1) "noble savage"
2) "blank slate"

which, being mixed with remnnants of Marxist and Christian teaching, produced all types of of cultural- and moral-relativist, utopian-egalitarian social theories and policies in today's West.

also there was unfortunate influence of post-modern artistic tradition, focused on elevating destruction, intimidation, confusion, and in the end profanity and dehumanisation - up to the level of established "art".

"Europeans have a guilt-oriented culture"

Europeans have humanistic culture.
it was developed in cumulative way:

Hellenic induction
Judaic moral law (commandments)
Christian universalism (+non-agression)
Kantian synthesis
Nietzschean rebellion
Popperian conclusion and Modernity

every step elevating humans farther from animal kingdom.

your problem dear Nazi bloggers that you never look beyond interests of your narrow "white" or whatever you call it group.

whereas main achievement of European culture was the establishment of consistent humanist tradition.

"..default moral standard of the human race, namely kin group preference.."

nope again.
that standard is still working but it is obsolete.

modern standard is non-zero sum game, - collaboration, expansion of the circle of confidence.

certainly Islam is antithetical to that.
as well as Talmudic Judaism.
as well as xenophobic nonsense that you are posting here.

Anonymous said...

"There are many reports that Jewish institutions were not subject to the same degree of disfavour"

you are talking to the person who was raised and lived there.

it is absolute and utter nonsense.
what "institutions" are you talking about?

synagogues were destroyed,
Yiddish language banned,
Jewish schools closed,
rabbis and intellectuals sent to concentration camps,
property of wealthy Jews confiscated.

oh and Bela Kun wasn't Hebrew warrior.

just give a break. this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

wow, israel fanboys screaming nazi.. Try have a debate without magic holocaust cards k?
CZ just making sharp observations most anti-islamblogs cower from. Facts have no colour.

Anonymous said...

nazis and holocaust are not my invention.
you forget it, you are doomed to repeat it.
next time you might be on receiving end.

yeah "sharp observations".
so sharp, to the point of unreal.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Anonymous, 18:06.

OK, here's one example from Kevin Macdonald's book Culture of Critique.

"The Jewish-dominated communist government actively sought to revive and perpetuate Jewish life in Poland (Schatz 1991, 208) so that, as in the case of the Soviet Union, there was no expectation that Judaism would wither away under a communist regime. Jewish activists had an “ethnopolitical vision” in which Jewish secular culture would continue in Poland with the cooperation and approval of the government (Schatz 1991, 230). Thus while the government campaigned actively against the political and cultural power of the Catholic Church, collective Jewish life flourished in the postwar period. Yiddish and Hebrew language schools and publications were established, as well as a great variety of cultural and social welfare organizations for Jews. A substantial percentage of the Jewish population was employed in Jewish economic cooperatives.
Moreover, the Jewish-dominated government regarded the Jewish population, many of whom had not previously been communists, as “a reservoir that could be trusted and enlisted in its efforts to rebuild the country. Although not old, ‘tested’ comrades, they were not rooted in the social networks of the anti-communist society, they were outsiders with regard to its historically shaped traditions, without connections to the Catholic Church, and hated by those who hated the regime.[80] Thus they could be depended on and used to fill the required positions” (Schatz 1991, 212–213).
Jewish ethnic background was particularly important in recruiting for the internal security service: The generation of Jewish communists realized that their power derived entirely from the Soviet Union and that they would have to resort to coercion in order to control a fundamentally hostile noncommunist society (p. 262). The core members of the security service came from the Jewish communists who had been communists before the establishment of the Polish communist government, but these were joined by other Jews sympathetic to the government and alienated from the wider society. This in turn reinforced the popular image of Jews as servants of foreign interests and enemies of ethnic Poles (Schatz 1991, 225)."

Anonymous said...

CZ 22:04

is it about post-WW2?

looks like complete fairytale.

Jews were almost all gone from post-WW2 Poland, majority with smoke into chimneys, others escaped to Palestine.

Poles actively collaborated with Germans in extermination of Jews, en masse, so it wasn't possible to reconcile.

you can look for example at Jedwabne massacre

there is Polish movie "Poklosie" (Aftermath)

can you compare that with this horrible crime cited by "Kevin Macdonald":

"..collective Jewish life flourished in the postwar period. Yiddish and Hebrew language schools and publications were established, as well as a great variety of cultural and social welfare organizations for Jews. A substantial percentage of the Jewish population was employed in Jewish economic cooperatives..."

these genocidal Jewish cooperatives..

anyway, remnants of Jews were fast expelled to Israel I think in something like 1949.

so there is no trace of that "generation of Jewish communists" in Poland.
if they were there and hated so much, after Valensa's revolution their "crimes" would have been avenged. none of that was heard.

albeit there is trace from USSR itself. several millions of Soviet/Jewish immigrants eventually settled in Israel and USA.
no they were NOT "trusted and enlisted" but rather discriminated and humiliated.
example of my parents (born 1937) and their friends is more than enough for me.

your "Kevin Macdonald" looks like a virtuoso in all types of antisemitic distortions, frankly.

BTW - I only feel admiration to the post WW2 Polish culture and the people, even if it is all now 100% Jew-free.
they eventually got what honesty and repentance is, and have proven it.
my first love was Polish girl, things like that we remember.

anyway, we can continue digging for the meanness of the "other", accuse and settling scores - ad infinitum.

but even if we do, it is good to keep it in proportion.
Islam is real challenge now.
they are today's Nazis. without quotations.
mortal threat to all non-Muslims, Jews and non-Jews alike.

Anonymous said...

1980's era terrorist Carlos the Jackal once said that they way to defeat Capitalism is to ally the Left with Islam. Et voila!
There will always be people corrupted by an insatiable lust for power. For such people, the success of the free world is a most inconvenient fact. Such people failed to compete with us via arms, and they failed miserably to compete by providing higher living standards to their people. They can compete only by destroying us from within, a far easier task due to the openness of our society.

Anonymous said...

CZ this link will take you to the link l have which is supposed to be the best version - better layout etc.

If this doesnt work let me know. You will need to take an aspro and lie down after reading this - its rather unsettling. The authors credentials are very good btw.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks. And wow!

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Anonymous, 23:52

You should probably read the book for yourself and do some other reading on the subject, rather than just say it's all nonsense and anyone who suggests otherwise is suffering from some pathology. But here are some more extracts:

" (All three communist leaders who dominated Poland between 1948 and 1956, Berman, Boleslaw Bierut, and Hilary Minc, were Jews.)

...While Jewish members saw the KPP as beneficial to Jewish interests, the party was perceived by gentile Poles even before the war as “pro-Soviet, anti-patriotic, and ethnically ‘not truly Polish’ ” (Schatz 1991, 82). This perception of lack of patriotism was the main source of popular hostility to the KPP (Schatz 1991, 91).

On the one hand, for much of its existence the KPP had been at war not only with the Polish State, but with its entire body politic, including the legal opposition parties of the Left. On the other hand, in the eyes of the great majority of Poles, the KPP was a foreign, subversive agency of Moscow, bent on the destruction of Poland’s hard-won independence and the incorporation of Poland into the Soviet Union. Labeled a “Soviet agency” or the “Jew-Commune,” it was viewed as a dangerous and fundamentally un-Polish conspiracy dedicated to undermining national sovereignty and restoring, in a new guise, Russian domination. (Coutouvidis & Reynolds 1986, 115)

The KPP backed the Soviet Union in the Polish-Soviet war of 1919–1920 and in the Soviet invasion of 1939. It also accepted the 1939 border with the USSR and was relatively unconcerned with the Soviet massacre of Polish prisoners of war during World War II, whereas the Polish government in exile in London held nationalist views of these matters. The Soviet army and its Polish allies “led by cold-blooded political calculation, military necessities, or both” allowed the uprising of the Home Army, faithful to the noncommunist Polish government-in-exile, to be defeated by the Germans resulting in 200,000 dead, thus wiping out “the cream of the anti- and noncommunist activist elite” (Schatz 1991, 188). The Soviets also arrested surviving non-communist resistance leaders immediately after the war.

...When this group came to power after the war, they advanced Soviet political, economic, and cultural interests in Poland while aggressively pursuing specifically Jewish interests, including the destruction of the nationalist political opposition whose openly expressed anti-Semitism derived at least partly from the fact that Jews were perceived as favoring Soviet domination.[79]

The purge of Wladyslaw Gomulka’s group shortly after the war resulted in the promotion of Jews and the complete banning of anti-Semitism. Moreover, the general opposition between the Jewish-dominated Polish communist government supported by the Soviets and the nationalist, anti-Semitic underground helped forge the allegiance of the great majority of the Jewish population to the communist government while the great majority of non-Jewish Poles favored the anti-Soviet parties (Schatz 1991, 204–205). The result was widespread anti-Semitism: By the summer of 1947, approximately 1,500 Jews had been killed in incidents at 155 localities. In the words of Cardinal Hlond in 1946 commenting on an incident in which 41 Jews were killed, the pogrom was “due to the Jews who today occupy leading positions in Poland’s government and endeavor to introduce a governmental structure that the majority of the Poles do not wish to have” (in Schatz 1991, 107)."

Anonymous said...

white activist
CZ if you really want to rock your boat - watch this. This will leave you scratching your head and wondering - this one takes aim at the "holy grail" and knocks it for dead (so to speak) - its an irrefuteable leftfield deconstruction of the cause celebre and central theme that happy jewish people use to invoke our limitless and never ending sympathy card

Anonymous said...

white activist - advocating for white survival

Another missing element without which our European history doesnt make sense:
“Mohammed and Charlemagne” by Henri Pirenne.
"Pirenne was a leading medieval scholar of the early Twentieth Century. He published “Mohammed and Charlemagne” in 1937 long before the current chaos in the Middle East. His ideas were widely accepted among the academics of his time but unfortunately have been largely forgotten or ignored of late. The basic argument of the book is simple; the Fall of the Roman Empire is normally dated to 476 AD when the last Western Roman Emperor was deposed by the Odoacer the leader of Germanic Foederati. In the aftermath of this action German Tribes moved into Italy and other Roman provinces and established a series of Gothic Kingdoms.

The current view is that Europe then plunged directly into the Dark Ages. However when Pirenne examined everyday life inside the provinces of the former Roman Empire following the Germanic invasions he found that little changed. The aqueducts and sanitation systems continued to work, the schools remained open, taxes were collected, the road system was maintained, foreign trade was abundant, money was coined and the standard of living remained high. His detailed examination of the period’s records shows very clearly that life continued virtually unchanged for the next 250 years.

This is no surprise, as it must be remembered that the German invaders had no desire to destroy the Roman Empire, their objective was to live in it and enjoy the fruits of its higher standard of living. While the Germans did initially engage in taking of booty and pillage they nevertheless soon settled down and adopted the Roman way of life. They adopted Roman agricultural practices, Roman law, Christianity and in most areas Romance languages.

The Coming of the Dark Ages

However when we get to the early 700’s AD life begins to change drastically: coinage disappears, artisans are forced to give up their trades and go back to living on the land, books disappear, schools close, the roads and aqueducts and other infrastructure are no longer maintained and the standard of living throughout the Roman world begins to decline sharply.

What happened? The answer is quite simple. This was when the Islamic armies began their war against the West. Starting in the late 600’s AD these armies invaded Egypt, North Africa and the old Fertile Crescent area. With them they not only brought Islam they also brought practices, which resulted in economic catastrophe for the entire region from which it has never recovered even to this day."

Anonymous said...

@anon 21st 08``54 well said, that man!!!

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