Saturday, 14 September 2013
Instead of "emigrating in a boat, young people should emigrate to Allah", that is to say fight against the Moroccan regime and for the true Islam. That is the key message that the North African branch of Al Qaeda (AQMI) communicates in the first video entirely dedicated to Morocco it has made since its creation in 2007. It shows young people in a small boat travelling, probably, towards Spain.

Entitled "Morocco: kingdom of corruption and despotism”, the 41-minute video attacks the king Mohamed VI, whom it accuses of enriching himself at the expense of the poor, even resorting to the leaked Wikileaks cables to support its accusations.
Source: El País


Anonymous said...

Sounds like another of these phony 'Arab Springs': a free for all by jihadists, islamic sects, military complexes and our fearless 'leaders' looking for a new set of 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' to help destroy the West. It couldn't just be a convenient coincidence that Morocco, Libya, Syria and Jordan were scheduled to be the first of those 'Mediterranean' countries who would be admitted to the EU as part of the expanding 'Union of the Mediterranean'?

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