Saturday, 14 September 2013
Questioned by the polling institute YouGov for the HuffPost, 76% of French people see in the events of the summer which have cast a shadow over the second city of France the symptoms of a long-term worsening of the problem of insecurity in Marseilles. Only 10% interpret it as a "temporary surge" of violence as the city has been the theatre for about 15 incidents of "settling accounts" since the start of the summer.

...In this context, the shock suggestion of the Socialist senator Samia Ghali to have the army intervene to put an end to the violence strikes a major chord with public opinion. 57% of those questioned by YouGov are in favour compared with only 25% against. This is the majority sentiment regardless of the political affiliations of those questioned: 61% of supporters of the PS/EELV [Socialist/Greens] are in favour, 71% of the UMP [mainstream conservative], 79% of the supporters of Marine Le Pen.
Source: Huffington Post


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