Tuesday, 13 August 2013

You almost have to burst out laughing at the sheer audacity of the anti-European propaganda elite actors and agencies are now coming out with. This report from the World Bank beggars belief. Essentially, it says that Europeans should just abandon their ancestral homelands, hand over the keys to brown people and then go and live in the third world themselves.

The report is titled "Criss-Crossing Migration" and was written by Aaditya Mattoo and Arvind Subramanian.
The current perspective on the flow of people is almost
exclusively focused on permanent migration from
poorer to richer countries and on immigration policies
in industrial countries. But international mobility of
people should no longer be seen as a one-time event
or one-way flow from South to North. The economic
crisis has accentuated the longer-term shift in location
incentives for people in industrial countries. As
consumers, they could obtain better and cheaper access
to key services—such as care for the elderly, health,
and education—whose costs at home are projected to
increase in the future, threatening standards of living.
As workers, they could benefit from new opportunities
created by the shift in economic dynamism from
industrial to emerging countries. But subtle incentives
to stay at home, such as lack of portability of health
insurance and non-recognition of qualifications obtained
abroad, inhibit North-South mobility and need to be
addressed. Furthermore, if beneficiaries of movement
abroad exert countervailing power against those who
support immigration barriers at home, then that could
lead to greater inflows of people, boosting innovation and
growth in the North. Eventually, growing two-way flows
of people could create the possibility of a grand bargain
to reduce impediments to the movement of people
at every stage in all countries and help realize the full
benefits of globalization.

...The two-way flows we envisage would, in contrast, have a positive rather than debilitating effect on income distribution because this time it would expose the skilled—for example doctors and lawyers and other cossetted groups—to international competition. Contending with opposition from the privileged may today be a less insurmountable obstacle to realizing significant benefits for Europe and America.

Two-ways flows of people might provide the boost the world needs, creating the possibility for the first time of a grand bargain in which the poor world makes the following offer to the rich world: “Give us your old, infirm, and unemployed and in return take our young, poor, and even highly talented.” The assault on globalization’s last holdout might finally be within reach.

...In Salman Rushdie’s book, Midnight’s Children, the hero Saleem Sinai says that all of us “brown, white, black are leaking into each other … like flavors when you cook.” That metaphor describes well the criss-crossing world of cradle-to-crematorium mobility of people that is as desirable as it has proven elusive. As economic imperatives drive this increasing mobility, the impact on attitudes and mind-sets too could be transformational. John Lennon’s idealistic vision of “no countries….nothing to kill or die for…brotherhood of man” will perhaps always elude humans but criss-crossing flows of people can take us one small step in that direction.
Source: World Bank

Of course these elderly people would not be having any children, so their presence in the third world would be temporary, not a permanent settlement. By contrast, the brown people flowing in to Europe would be youthful and would produce families. This paper, then, is simply a demand for Europeans allow their societies to be colonised by non-Europeans.


Anonymous said...

The lack of oxygen in the ivory towers these people live in must of damaged their brains.

Anonymous said...

50 years ago whites constituted over 30% of the worlds population- now whites are around 8% and shrinking fast- what these anti-whites are proposing will only hasten white disappearance. If whites proposed policies that would lead to the disappearance of non-whites from their respective native lands there would be a tumultuous outcry. It doesn't take much brain work to deduce the status quo is stacked against whites - our rulers have got it in for us, presumably at some point there will be a widespread recognition of what's really going on - and hopefully a defence will be launched. Bear in mind it doesn't take a lot of people to launch a revolution.

Anonymous said...


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