Saturday, 31 August 2013
Almost two-thirds of French people (64%) are opposed to a French military intervention as part of an international coalition against the regime of Bashar al Assad, according to a BVA poll published on Saturday by Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France.

Although left-wingers are split (50% in favour and 49% opposed), those on the right are very strongly hostiles (74% against, 25% for).
Source: Le Point


Anonymous said...

Fortunately the majority of the citizenry both the US and UK also oppose intervention in Syria:



More and more are realizing the Muslim world is a lost cause. Violence, chaos, and war have been common across the region for centuries. An intervention in Syria isn't going to change anything.

Anonymous said...

The saudis and the cia are responsible for the gassing or whatever it was- in other words Obambi is responsible.
This could end Obambis presidency

Anonymous said...

However the French people vote in polls, for the Moslems in France this is a 100% win, in this sense:-

Hollande won the Presidential election with the assistance of 93% of the available Moslem vote. They bought him, they own him and he will do their bidding. France has one of the largest Moslem populations in Europe and they are well represented in its prison population (70%, I believe). And they have a long tradition of 'intifadas' against the French people (according to the former Head of the French Police Union speaking in 2005 of Moslem riots). There are 750 'zones insensibles' in France which operate as Moslem enclaves under Sharia law. So, if France is suckered by Obama (a Moslem) into bombing Moslems in Syria (whom the majority of Moslems in France may regard as insufficiently 'moslem' anyhow {Asad and his followers}), that will please the Moslems in France. These same Moslems, however, will also, amongst their own peoples, agitate against the French people as the 'infidels' who attacked a Moslem nation (Syria) and will duly riot against and exact vengeance on the French. The Moslems in France must be quite chuffed at this New Special Relationship with their fellow Moslem (Obama) and the nation of 'infidels' (USA) whom he will deliver into 'islam' {'submission'}.

Full Auto said...

Very simply, we must stay out of that primitive part of the world and begin removing these racial aliens from the West. We are as alien to them as they are to us. We must seperate from them in every way. If we do not do this then most assuredly, Gause's Law will take effect.

Gause's law, also known as the Competitive Exclusion Principle, applies to all living organisms.

Gause's law states that when two differing species or differing subspecies within the same species compete for the same critical resources within the same geographic boundaries, one of them will eventually outcompete and displace the other. The displaced species may become locally extinct, by either migration out of the area or by death, or it may adapt to a sufficiently distinct niche within the environment so that it continues to coexist noncompetitively with the displacing species.

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