Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Stoned por V1683

Two firemen were wounded in the disadvantaged district of Mirail in Toulouse, where the emergency services were attacked on two occasions this weekend while rendering assistance to an elderly woman and another who was giving birth.

A team of three firemen intervened along with an ambulance shortly after 8 pm to help an elderly woman who had fallen in the street and was suffering from a cranial trauma. Two of them were quickly "attacked violently" by a group of 'jeunes' and one was kicked on the head, specified CODIS [tn: fire and emergency services HQ]. Their injuries required a brief hospitalisation during the evening, according to the same source. In addition, the ambulance was stoned and its windshield broken.

On Friday night, the firemen, emergency medical services and police called to the same district to help a young woman give birth in her home were also stoned, according to the police. "They threw stones, one of which struck the medical vehicle," declared a spokesman. "It's important to be aware that actions like this delay the intervention at a time when every moment counts," said the police spokesman indignantly.
Source: Le Figaro

UPDATE: This is the district where Mohamed Merah grew up. Apparently he is something of a hero there.

In Mirail, no processions. But in a certain way they shout there: "Mirail for the Miraillais!" Ban on any stranger entering there. Strangers, they are cops, bus drivers, firemen...

...in quest of identity and recognition, [they] have found a hero: Mohammed Merah, a mate from the district. Almost a hundred people accompanied his remains to the Muslim plot in the local cemetery.
Source: Atlantico


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