Tuesday, 6 August 2013

There's been a lot of coverage in the mainstream media recently about the pardon granted by the king of Morocco to various "Spanish" prisoners, including the supposed "Spanish paedophile" Daniel Galván.
A convicted Spanish paedophile whose pardon by the King of Morocco sparked riots there has been arrested in Murcia in south-east Spain.

Daniel Galván's arrest is the latest episode in a diplomatic farce that began with his release at the end of July along with 47 other Spanish prisoners held in Moroccan jails, the majority of them on drugs charges, after Spain's King Juan Carlos allegedly appealed for their pardon.
Source: Guardian

What most of the mainstream media isn't mentioning is that this "Spanish paedophile" isn't Spanish at all. He's an Iraqi, almost certainly a Muslim.

Although a Spanish citizen, Galván “was born in Iraq and is an Iraqi native but acquired citizenship when he married a Spanish woman from whom he is now divorced,” Judge Fernando Andreu said in his ruling. “As he has testified, his life has been spent largely in Iraq and Spain but he has also resided in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, the United Kingdom and Morocco, where he was sentenced.”
Source: El País

The lawyer of Galvan Mohamed Benjedou indicated that his client was an officer in the Iraqi army who had collaborated with Spanish intelligence to topple the dictator Saddam Hussein. The prisoner who was pardoned then "unpardoned" on Sunday is said to have taken refuge in Spain after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. His forename is Salaheddine and he is said to have been born in Bassora.
En savoir plus sur http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/monde/afrique/maroc-que-sait-on-du-pedophile-gracie-par-le-roi-mohammed-vi_1271373.html#DCK2mylMmkqJfrMR.99


Maria José said...

Cómo el oficial iraquí Salahedin se convirtió en el pederasta Daniel

Nació en Basora, en el sur de Irak, el 1 de julio de 1950, y sus padres le pusieron el nombre de Salahedin (íntegro en lo religioso)


Anonymous said...

So that's why he got pardoned coz he a goatfuCker and they allowed to fuck little girls and boys in the ass and then it s not rape claims pedo prophet Mohammed fucking hell!

Anonymous said...

What YOU are failing to tell your readers, is that the Spanish REQUESTED the release/pardon of prisoners. And Morocco acquiesced and pardoned many Spanish nationals who were free to go back to Spain.

So Spain was perfectly happy to have a paedophile brought back to its territory to freely live out the rest of his filthy life. No sign of concern for the Spanish children he may molest.

Thank God the Mohammedan Moroccan public conscientiously took to the streets to denounce this pardon. If the angry Moroccan public did not pressure their dumb King to revoke the pardon, this paedophile would not have been re-arrested.

This is the problem in Europe, our governments and people are asleep.

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