Thursday, 8 August 2013

This screed against Godfrey Bloom by Zoe Williams in the Guardian is a good place to discuss the Paradox of Bigotry. The article is called "Bigots like Ukip's Godfrey Bloom must not be tolerated." defines bigotry as follows:
stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.
But the aspersion "bigot" is simply an expression of intolerance for another person's point of view.

Thus the Paradox of Bigotry is this:
Anyone who accuses another person of being a bigot inadvertently reveals him or herself to be a bigot instead.


Anonymous said...

I seldom venture into the distorted world of the Guardianista and, since that paper reported a 40% reduction in readership last year, it seems that some of its old guard have also had a more intimate, up-front experience of the bigotry of other races, cultures and ideologies since the hordes arrived outside their ivory towers during the London Race Riots. Comments at the Daily Mail indicate its readers are also no longer buying into the lie that bigotry is exclusive to only one race (Caucasian) or one ethnicity (English). The times, they are a-changing and media, in goose-step to its National Union of Journalists in Britain, or the International Union of the same European-wide, is now correctly seen as the enemy and the prime enabler of this race, ethnic and cultural war being waged against us.

Anonymous said...

Haha great post! What a bigot



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