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The imam who defected: Extremists run all Danish mosques
Ahmed Akkari. © Roger Sahlström

The imam who defected: Extremists run all Danish mosques

Finally he is there – on the podium of The Free Press Society. It is half past seven PM, Thursday, August 22, 2013, as the former Islamicist imam and deadly enemy of the Free Press Society, Ahmed Akkari, faces his most fierce critics.
A tiny man with more than a hundred deaths and the burning of two Danish embassies on his conscience.
– Thank you for inviting me. I don’t know if I deserve all this, but perhaps my journey through life may be of use to you, says Ahmed Akkari as he timidly surveys the packed hall in the heart of Copenhagen.
Since ex-Islamist Ahmed Akkari came out of the closet three weeks ago, he has been the man of the hour. On television shows, in newspaper articles and on radio, he has tried to explain what has happened to him. He went from being a hardened and fierce Islamicist to a kindly and thoughtful person, filled with love and gratitude for Denmark.
The metamorphosis is difficult to explain and hard to believe. Is his conversion sincere or he is he applyingtaqqiya – the right of Muslims to lie and deceive in the service of Islam?
In 1985, when Akkari was six, his parents fled to Denmark from war-torn Lebanon. They chose Denmark because it was a safe country without too many immigrants – thinking that they would find a peaceful life here.
Ahmed Akkari attended public school as the only immigrant in his class. He had every chance in the world to adapt and become a normal Dane. But in his teens he was drawn to religious circles and before realizing what was happening, he had become poisoned by extremism.
– The truth is that there is not a single mosque or Muslim organization in Denmark that is not run by Islamists. As soon as you enter the house of the believers, you are met with Islamism whether you want it or not. As soon as you become a devoted Muslim, you are infected by extremism, says Ahmed Akkari.

He embarked on an education as an imam and suddenly he detested democracy and free speech. Allah and life after death became his only concerns. When the daily Jyllands-Posten published the famous Muhammed cartoons in September 2005, he was instrumental in condemning Denmark. Together with other imams he traveled to The Middle East in order to stir up a glowing hatred against the small northern country that had had the audacity to offend the prophet. The result: riots leading to the death of more than a hundred people, two Danish embassies burnt to the ground and a boycott of Danish products.
Vengefully, Akkari and his cohorts tried to force then Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to apologize for Jyllands-Posten’s cartoons. But the Prime Minister stood firm and explained that Denmark enjoys freedom of the press and that he neither could nor would apologize. That made no impression on Denmark’s boisterous cultural elite that just could not understand why one had to offend the country’s and the world’s Muslims this way.

Ahmed Akkari  ©Roger Sahlström
Ahmed Akkari ©Roger Sahlström
But now Ahmed Akkari understands. He has undergone a metamorphosis. How did that happen? And can we trust him?
It all started when Akkari got help to return to Denmark from Lebanon in 2006. He had settled there for a while but suddenly found himself in the midst of a war after Hezbollah had started firing rockets into Israel and was met with air attacks and ground operations. Denmark evacuated several thousand citizens – among them Ahmed Akkari.
–Despite the fact that I had done so much damage to Denmark, the country let me in again. Nobody arrested me at the airport. I was not interrogated and nobody questioned my right to return.
His gratitude is palpable. He would not have been surprised if he had been met with another reaction. Has he deserved this treatment?
Ahmed Akkari sought work as a teacher in Greenland – a constituent part of the Danish realm – and there he embarked on the process that lead to his conversion.

During his time with the imams, he encountered more falsehood than he has ever experienced. They smile at you but work against you, he explains. When he went to Greenland, he still believed in the Islamic ideology. The fault, as he saw it, lay with people who did not interpret it in the right way.
– It starts with people – the thoughts come later, he says.
In the stillness of the polar nights, the thoughts came to Akkari. He started reading the world’s most important books.
– I read all the philosophers of the Enlightenment. I read world history and I realized that people are what they read. There was so much I didn’t know. I read about the freedom fighters who throughout history have tried to prevent religion from curtailing free thought and I realized that Denmark was in fact the oasis my parents had imagined.

Ahmed Akkari.  © Roger Sahlström
Ahmed Akkari. © Roger Sahlström
A couple of years ago, it finally dawned on Akkari. He had made his choice but had no intention of going public. A journalist made him change his mind and three weeks ago, the daily B.T. published the story: Denmark’s enemy number one asks for forgiveness.
He has had coffee with the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who drew the most famous of the Muhammed cartoons and who was subsequently the victim of an assassination attempt for having ”offended the prophet”.
– I was overwhelmed by the way Westergaard accepted me and forgave me. He showed me precisely what is so fantastic about Denmark.
A member of the audience asked Akkari if he had been sent to Greenland to convert the Greenlanders and establish the first Muslim state in the Western world.
– No. I understand the question but the truth is that I prayed to God never to send any Muslims to Greenland. I was so tired of corrupt imams spreading their totalitarian ideology that I was convinced they would not only melt the ice cap if they had come there, but set it on fire.
The priest Søren Krarup asked Ahmed Akkari if he understood that Christianity is the reason why Denmark is such a peaceful oasis. Akkari responded that he understood Krarup’s thinking but gave no clear answer. It is obvious that he hopes for a dialogue with Muslims who are still in the grip of the extremists and that he doesn’t want to burn all his bridges.

How does he think that Danes and Swedes should react to the Islamization of our countries?
– Go on being as tolerant and wonderful as you are, but don’t be so naive! Stick to your traditions and don’t give preferential treatment to Muslims. They should not have the right to behave badly in countries that have let them in. I once thought that Denmark was a country of pig-lovers that had to be forced to bend to Islam. Now I don’t understand why I thought that way. You have the right to keep your peaceful countries with your culture and traditions.

The evening is over and Ahmed Akkari happily accepts the Free Press Society’s mug with the famous drawing of Muhammed with a bomb in his turban. He looks tired but pleased. As the audience leave the hall, most of them seem convinced that Akkari has been sincere.
The only losers are the members of the Danish cultural elite who stood on his side but are now standing with their pants down."


Knize10 said...

Time to clean up the Danish Mosques ?

Anonymous said...

Would this guy be willing to stand in a court of law and give evidence against the threat to Denmark from Islam? I do hope so, but no doubt the left-wing politically correct brigade would claim that to be 'islamophobic' and of course, in their eyes at least, racist.

If he truly has moved away from Islam he could do a lot of damage to Islam's cause - not just in Denmark but across Europe. I hope we hear more from him in the future, but knowing just how intolerant and hateful the followers of the 'religion of peace' can be his life may well be on the line from now on once the lunatics get wind of this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what advice he would give to countries that are just embarking on allowing Muslim migration including asylum.
Countries like New Zealand and Australia?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 23:26 - New Zealand and Australia have a huge muslim problem. All NZ lamb is Halal too thanks to their middle-eastern export market. This report highlights it too:

Felix Charles said...

Wilders is always right...

Anonymous said...

Good luck to this guy, he seems like a really cool guy. He has blood on his hand so it's kind of it's a complex situation though.

"– I read all the philosophers of the Enlightenment. I read world history and I realized that people are what they read. There was so much I didn’t know."
I totally agree, religeous people, I don't care if you're Christian or Muslim or w/e, need to widen their scope and go beyond the Bible ad the Quran. This guy did and in turn freed himself. Especially the Islam is against free thought and intellectual cultivation, which is why it's such a backwards ideology. They will build mosques and not schools.

Roni said...

Akkari has seen the light. Not the light of religion; but the light of enlightment. Sometimes it might happen to intelligent people. They can free themselves from pre-thoughts and look at reality right in the eyes. Personally I thing his turning point came when he realized how corrupted imams and extremists are. How little respect, they grant for human life by sending them as living bombs to death. You have to be an idiot not to realize how vicious is the daily mass bomb attacks in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan with dozens of victims dying for nothing. At the other hand, Denmark did not let him down; even if he had done so much harm to the country. Now, at that very moment, wounded Syrians are trying to reach the Israeli border in order to be treated in Israeli hospitals.
I truly hope, that some of them will come to a different thought and bring the turning point the way it had happened to Akkari.

Anonymous said...

Note that he accords no role to Christianity in the development of those qualities, laws and traditions which he says he values in Denmark and that he is clever enough to suggest that Danes continue to 'keep' their "culture and traditions" whilst not suggesting that Moslem presence in any way be curtailed or eradicated (through, for instance, deportation). Blaming his supposed 'extremism' (which, in truth, is merely acting in accordance with Islam's mandates, laws and traditions) upon imams is a form of Kitman (withholding of full facts): those imams, whether knowledgeable about Danish society or not, are clearly knowledgeable about Islam and teach and preach it in every mosque because every mosque teaches and preaches from the Koran and Hadiths. It is the ideology, Islam, which is the problem and its adherents, the threat. Put this another way: if Moslems decide that, given the weakness of Western people to believe in and support their own foundational beliefs (Christianity, freedoms of speech, belief, equality before the law, etc), that Moslems can conquer the West peacefully without recourse to full violent jihad of outright warfare, would you --- a Westerner (Dane, Brit, German, etc) --- be content to become part of an Islamicised country or continent, with ALL that that implies and requires?

Nice mug he was presented with, but I would adjudge his presenters as the ones who have been mugged, by his sophisticated taqiyya and kitman. He probably isn't the only Moslem who is sensing mounting unease and hopefully resistance to Islam and who wants to ensure he can still stay in the West and continue his 'work' ('struggle', 'jihad').

One last point re the Jyllands-Posten cartoon issue: it was not the 12 cartoons drawn by various artists to represent the self-imposed censorship of Westerners towards Islam which caused the Moslem intifada against the West: one of those imams from Denmark (now dead) commissioned three additional cartoons purposely designed crudely and hawked them around the Middle East to arouse killing anger and cause havoc to Denmark's turn as leaders at the UN Security Council. The original 12 Danish cartoons had evoked no negative response in the Middle East when they were originally printed months earlier in Egyptian newspapers. This imam hasn't acknowledged that fact of Islamic duplicity.

Anonymous said...

Regrading that boycott of all Danish products Moslems tried to instigate, Western peoples were so outraged by Moslem attempts to shut down free speech that there was a reverse reaction to the boycott with huge increases in the West of purchases of Danish products. Denmark actually recorded a 17% INCREASE in its exports market in 2005/6 as a result. Shows you what people can do when they decide to stand against evil. (The only ones who lost out were Moslems, especially Moslem babies and kids in the so-called 'islamic world': Danish dairy products are superior to Moslem ones and boycotting them was counter-productive for their kids' health.)

Roni said...

@Anonymous 24 august 07.46
Very interesting point of view; I did not thing about. Here is a wise ancient adage: respect him and ...suspect him!. This is the best way to handle the matter.
I have just got - through a Face book friend - snapshots of a pre school in Helsingor Denmark. It is impossible to understand how people, who had escaped war and the rest 'Dreck of the third world’, cannot be a bit humble and have some appreciation for the high living standard they get in the new country for themselves and their kids? There is no trace of common sense in hating the one who feeds you and give life opportunity for your children? The conclusion is just one: close your borders hermetically for the third world and don't let it in. Some people (especially Muslims and Africans) are designed for a living at the bottom of a garbage can. It is not fare to take it from them.

Anonymous said...

Over at the International Free Press Society's online newspaper, this article has one comment, which points out that the imam's remarks are Taqiyya:

"When he went to Greenland, he still believed in the Islamic ideology. The fault, as he saw it, lay with people who did not interpret it in the right way."

The commenter noted that "Islam cannot be interpreted, it has to be taken straight up, undiluted. 'the right way' is the Way of Muhammed. 'the straight path' is the Way of Jihad."
"sharia" is also 'the path,' 'the way' in Arabic. And you don't pick and choose the Sharia, either.

It's understandable that people keep hoping that they've found that elusive unicorn of the 'moderate Islam/Moslem' but that 'path' leads to self-delusion and eventually, national or civilisational suicide.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. When he publicly renounces Islam like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

This surprises non except liberals and the authorities.

Anonymous said...

It is because I am as atheist and left wing as they come that I despise Islam and all its works as a classic creer and movement of the extreme right. Much to its shame, so much of the left, stupified by political correctness, and obsessed with its cretinous war on western liberal democracy, has found it expedient to repudiate Karl Marx's description of religion as the'opium of the people' and its criticism as 'the beginning of all criticism' as the the price of an alliance with islamo-fascism.

sheik yer'mami said...

The imam should be asked to publicly renounce the shahada and to denounce Islam.

Because of the doctrine of taqiyya (deceiving the infidels) and because islam means submission, total submission, why should we give him the benefit of the doubt? Should we not put the onus on him to prove that he can be trusted?

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