Sunday, 25 August 2013
"A Swedish real estate company that advertised a villa in a particularly attractive area in Sollentuna, where "all the neighbours are of Swedish descent," has received extensive critisism for 'racial profiling' ..."
Source: Panic as real estate company advertise for Swedish area


Full Auto said...

We see the kinds of problems inviting racial aliens into one's country on a daily basis. Will human beings ever learn the laws of nature?

The most crime free nations on earth are also the most racially homogenous. Gee, whatever could be the reason?

Conversely, there is a direct correlation between high rates of rape and murder and the degree to which a nation has been enriched with racial diversity.

Anonymous said...

It can be considered as racist advertisement but which you choose, being a racist or being a victim of crime commited by your non Sweden neighbours?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with wanting to know the cultural makeup of a neighborhood you're considering moving to? You want the safest, cleanest neighborhood to raise your family in, right?

No. At least according to leftists who insist with their multi-culti lie that diversity is great for cities. It's so "great", many cities in Europe now contain muslim ghettos where crime, rape, and violence are rampant.

Of course, lefties refuse to acknowledge this, clinging stupidly to their multicultural beliefs and keeping their heads in the sand.

Caturo said...

«It's so "great", many cities in Europe»

It's so «great» that to tell the truth about it is considered «racist» and people cannot choose to just avoid such «greatness».

Anonymous said...

It advertises

".... all the neighbours are of Swedish descent, ...."

It may be true that all the neighbours are of Swedish descent. Is it a crime to present facts now?

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