Friday, 9 August 2013
When our reader went to SF's Bergakungen cineplex on Thursday he was met by 20 to 30 Muslims in the lobby with large placards which had "EID" written on them. They were trying to hand out slips of paper and make contact with the people around. It gets worse, however.

The reader and his girlfriend had paid good money for the film. Once they crossed the lobby, most people, even apart from the propaganda group, seemed to consist of Muslims. When they sat down in the salon, two people appeared in front of the screen - usually there is a staff member to welcome all visitors, ask them to turn off mobile phones etc.

This time, it was Muslims to tell them about Islam and what Muslims do during Ramadan, etc. When this was finished there was applause. Note that this is compounded by the fact that people had already spent their money and therefore the message was more or less forced upon them.

"Can you really do not go anywhere without having to bow down to religions?" asks our reader.

Our readers demanded to speak with the executive manager of the place, who said that the time was not good but it only occurs twice a year and that they actually celebrate Lucia [Swedish festival, St. Lucy's day] also once a year. However, the manager could do nothing about it. He even thought the forced religious message was good.

I feel like an outsider in my own motherland. As if I ought to go away and not feel anything at all, writes our reader.

Another reader has been in touch with SF [the cineplex] and confirmed that this indeed occurred.
Source: Avpixlat


Ross said...

Heck, we don't even get that here in 90% Muslim Indonesia (though to be fair, the crackpot IslamoNazis did force one cinema to close dowm because films are 'immoral!'

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