Wednesday, 28 August 2013
"A 22-year-old man is accused of having interfered the Islamic call to prayer at the Fittja mosque south of Stockholm.

According to the prosecution, in May of this year the man drove past the mosque and honked his horn while the imam called for Friday prayers.

The man is suspected of disturbing the service, a crime that can result in a fine or imprisonment of up to six months.

He denies the offense."
Source: - Accussed of disturbing call to prayer 


Anonymous said...

Disturbing the service with a car horn? How absurd! Surely the awful noise of the call to prayer itself should be banned?

I recently heard the call to prayer from a mosque in Bradford - what a racket! If I was a neighbour I would be complaining to the council every day to have it stopped. But of course, as always, its one law for the Muslims and one law for the rest of the country.

As for this story, Sweden surely has lost the plot.

gilito said...

A good driver uses the horn to alert others to his presence, in order to avoid an accident.

Obviously road safety come second after pleasing Muslims.

I think Muslims should get the same treatment in Europe as they give to Christians in their countries. Maybe they will learn how to respect people.

Anonymous said...

Sweden has indeed lost the plot and in fact its identity as a nation. Along with Denmark it has surrendered to the Islamic conquest. Wake up Swedes

John F. Magee said...

My mother was Czech. In the late summer of 1968, before the USSR led the Warsaw Pact to invade Czechoslovakia because it was straying form the Soviet fold, one of my cousin's fled Czechoslovakia with his wife and children and ended up in Sweden as asylum seekers. At that time Sweden still had a state church, the Lutheran Church, which had special privilege's which it has since lost in our age of PCness. Sweden has since opened it's doors to the 3rd world especially Muslims. My cousin was a devout Roman Catholic and suffered real persecution in atheistic Czechoslovakia before 1968. In Sweden they were treated as dirt and endured unbelievable prejudice and bigotry by the Swedes who pretended to be so tolerant and open to the world but at home in Sweden it was a lie. Sweden destroyed itself by welcoming in the 3rd world and Islam so they can wallow in the 3rd world cesspool they are becoming. I have zero sympathy for the Swedes and am tired of hearing them and others moan about what they have done to their country. They richly deserve their future as a 3rd world hell hole and will get no sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

Ah Diversity - encourage it, welcome it, embrace it - let it swamp you and your culture

Anonymous said...

@John Magee: Its hard to understand how Sweden could be so intolerant to fellow Christians like your cousin, yet 40-50 years later they welcome a bunch of knuckle-dragging medieval cavemen following a false evil religion like Islam. Very strange indeed.

As you say, Sweden has brought this upon themselves. We can only hope they 'wake up and smell the coffee' at some point and turn this awful multicultural experiment around. I don't hold out much hope though, I think its gone too far to be saved.

Anonymous said...

swedish people didn't welcome the muslims, their leftist politicans did, just like the leftist politicans colonized the united states with central and south american imperialists.

Harry-ca-Nab said...

And all that wailing isn't disturbing to the native population?

Unknown said...

"Swedish people didn't welcome muslims", nor did the English, Dutch, Norwegians, Canadians, Australians, Germans, French.......well, you get the idea. This was the insane idea of leftist/Marxist/'elitist'/multiculturalists everywhere--to kill the western society, and replace it with......what?

Anonymous said...

if i fart outside a morsque will i be arrested?


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