Saturday, 10 August 2013
"They spoiled my party. They ruined my evening, my weekend, my marriage!" The woman speaking is angry. And the passage of time hasn't calmed her down. "Attacking a group of women, what courage! And more than ten of them! What right do these people have to insult me? What right to they have to hit my sister? What right to beat up an adolescent girl of 16? It's shameful!"

On Thursday afternoon, with a group of eight friends, Carole was wandering about Toulouse. Two days away from her marriage - this 29-year-old expectant mother - "I am five months pregnant" - intended to have fun. Then she was walking with her friends who had attached an inflatable penis to her breast. In the Place du Capitole, 'jeunes' approached and started to insult them in religious terms. "There was no provocation from us. Seeing their aggressiveness, we even went away towards the Henri IV courtyard to take off our costumes," explains the bride-to-be.

But this retreat didn't have the intended effect. "In the beginning, in the square, there were five or six of them but even more afterwards. They pulled our hair, tore off our wigs, called us bitches and whores, impure girls!"

Blows rained down under the eyes of passers-by. "No one moved, thanks a lot. Even the security guard in the Capitole. I saw him pop his head out and then go back into his office. What courage!" Perhaps this man went to sound the alarm. Indeed, very quickly, national and municipal police arrived. Eight suspects were arrested. Boys aged 10 (!), 12, 15 and 21 were arrested. In detention, all said they intervened to "separate" attackers and victims. They were released yesterday. The videos may allow the attackers to be identified. It's the only incident that marked this after-Ramadan night. The districts notably remained very calm all night.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering Europeans ever (physically/verbally) attack Muslims?

Anonymous said...

So who has this 29 year old woman been voting for? A party that is socialist and pro-islamist? If so, I no sympathy for her

George said...

How can this attack be so unbelievable after decades of this sort of belligerent activity by mohammadans of all ages and both sexes. Our complacency and acceptance as this sort of outrage as the new status quo is what is outrageous.

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