Sunday, 18 August 2013

I want to report about a revolting incident that occurred almost right in front of me: day-to-day Islamic sexism in a maternity ward.

The facts: in the heart of Paris, my wife was in a labour and delivery room. Throughout the childbirth area, we were wearing blue clothes that were supposed to help minimise biological contamination.

I came out of the room and walked right into a big revolver in its holster, in the belt of a uniformed police officer. Astonished, I walked forward and saw that a group of three police officers was engaged in a discussion with several members of staff.

I asked a nurse what was happening. Very upset, she told me that a Muslim woman was giving birth and that her condition required the intervention of a doctor. When the husband learned that only a male doctor was available, he refused. When the staff present did not want to pay heed to this refusal, the husband started to get worked up to the point where the staff called the police to calm him down.
Source: Riposte laïque


Anonymous said...

It's not my style to post the following comment, but quite frankly, I have had it with Moslems and their evil ideology: I do not wish to see any Moslem female assisted, in any way, to produce yet more offspring who will seek, ultimately, to destroy those I love and my country and my civilisation.

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

I second the above comment. The world would have lost nothing if one colonisation machine had failed to produce another soldier to fight for our defeat.

The Phantom said...

"LET them die." James T. Kirk.

Don said...


Red Rose said...

I agree with all four comments.

cecilhenry said...

Get them OUT.

That's the key.


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