Thursday, 8 August 2013

This is an extract from a documentary called "Norvège : au pays des gens heureux" [Norway: to the country of happy people] recently broadcast by the French-German channel Arte. I was going to subtitle this but I don't think it's worth bothering with as the key parts are spoken by the Norwegian man in English and you can hear them beneath the voice-over.
When he started primary school, it was 50-50: 15 Norwegians and 15 foreign children. Today there are only 3 or 4 Norwegians left in the class. Sometimes it can be a problem because they are not allowed to have ham on their bread because some of them don't think that's equal [legal?].

The French voice-over here uses the word "equal". But listening to the Norwegian speak [in English] it almost sounds like he's using the word "legal".


Anonymous said...

Too much being made of this Islam religion...whats wrong with people..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous '' Too much being made of this islam religion.. what's wrong with people'' Nothing wrong with people, expect people like you. Who don't know any thing about Islam. Or may be you are a muslim.ssk

linda carly said...

yes, the word is legal, I'm Belgian and speak french

Anonymous said...

Islam is a murderous cult built upon the lies and sins of a murdering pedophile. From it's inception it has dealt nothing but violence, bloodshed and intolerance. Want to know more about Islam and not the lies that they try to feed you about them being peaceful then go to

Anonymous said...

Any religion that forces their rules upon others is not good. Worship who you want to,but keep it between yourself and your God.

Anonymous said...

When the Muslims NOT agree by that calls the rules define but those who control the school and Government agencies. The non Muslim children have the right if they have a kilo of ham in the school bag. Just bad luck for that by bred inbred Muslim scum!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Norway - The land of happy people

The allusion is probably to this happy-no-worries sing-along-song..?

La ballade des gens heureux
Gerard Lenormand

Anonymous said...

If you cannot accept that other people eat something you wouldn't eat you are not ready to live in a multicultural society.

If vegetarians and vegans can stand that others eat meat in their presence why can't Muslims?

It must be quite painful for vegetarians too. So the real issue cannot be the personal experience itself.

It must be about power only.

- Mr

Anonymous said...

Personally, i don't believe in a god, a personal god or not, and objective critizism of religion is legitimate as well as of Islam for that matter. However, hateful speech doesn't enlighten nobody.

Hateful speech is just adding to the spreading of propaganda supporting nazism, fascism and war as if that is the solution to a harmonious society.

That is no better than the political violence propagated by people who use religion as an excuse for hateful thoughts, speech or actions.

Ignorance comes in many forms, and white supremacy is no better than any other kind of ignorance.

Personnellement, je ne crois pas en un dieu, un dieu personnel ou non, et critizism objectif de religion est légitime ainsi que de l'Islam, d'ailleurs. Cependant, discours haineux n'éclaire pas personne.

Discours haineux est simplement d'ajouter à la diffusion de propagande soutenant le nazisme, le fascisme et la guerre comme si c'est la solution pour une société harmonieuse.

Ce n'est pas mieux que la violence politique propagée par des gens qui utilisent la religion comme excuse pour les pensées haineuses, de la parole ou en actes.

L'ignorance peut prendre plusieurs formes, et la suprématie blanche n'est pas meilleure que n'importe quel autre type d'ignorance.

Anonymous said...

"Robert" is presenting a construed "problem" which the French-German channel Arte willingly use to create antagonism and hatred against people with different opinions and priorities in life.

The video spreads hatred based on intolerance, which is exactly what the creators of the video are criticizing Muslims and Islam for doing. Not too tolerant, logical, or intelligent if you ask me. It's only purporting more hatred and ignorance.

Dans la vidéo, "Robert" présente un "problème" faux utilisé par l'Arte, la chaîne française-allemande, pour l'antagonisme et la haine contre les personnes ayant des opinions et des priorités différentes dans la vie.

La vidéo se propage la haine fondée sur l'intolérance, qui est précisément l'accusation portée par Arte dans cette vidéo contre les musulmans et l'islam. Pas trop intelligent, logique, ou tolérantes si vous me demandez. C'est seulement la création de plus la haine et de l'ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Persönlich glaube ich nicht an einen Gott, sei es ein persönlicher Gott oder nicht, und objektive, das ist, sachliche Kritik der Religion sowie der Islam ist legitim, aber Hassreden macht keinen klug.

Hasserfüllten Rede unterstützt nur der Verbreitung von Propaganda wie Nazismus, Faschismus und Krieg, als ob das ist die Lösung einer harmonischen Gemeinschaft.

Das ist nicht besser als die politische Gewalt propagiert von Menschen die Religion nutzen, als Entschuldigung für hasserfüllte Gedanken, Sprache oder Handlungen.

"Robert" präsentiert eine auszulegen "Problem", wie die Französisch-deutsche Sender Arte gern nutzen, um Antagonismus und Hass gegen Menschen mit unterschiedlichen Meinungen und Prioritäten im Leben zu schaffen.

Das Video verbreitet nur Hass auf Intoleranz, genau was Arte kritisiert Muslime und den Islam zu tun. Nicht zu tolerant, logisch, oder intelligente, wenn Sie mich fragen.

Ignoranz kommt in vielen Formen und weiße Vorherrschaft ist nicht besser als jede andere Art von Unwissenheit.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Your speech sounds rather hateful itself, since you are accusing others of having evil motivations. You accuse a father worried about the his son's schooling and documentary makers who present his concern of having wicked motivations. This is an expression of your hatred for them.

Why is a person's speech invalidated by their presumed motivation? Facts and logical arguments stand by themselves. The motivation of the person presenting them is irrelevant.

In any case you can never know what another person's motivation is so a culture which invalidates a person's statements based on their presumed evil motivations will in the end kill off all meaningful debate and bring about the end of democracy.

Adherents of literally any political position can accuse their opponents of having evil motivations, so there is no foreseeable limit to the extension of this sinister principle once it is established.

Anonymous said...

Well what's the point you're arguing if not to propagate hatred and anti Islamic feelings?

Your attempt at playing the innocent party here is quite revealing for those who are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to see the evil intent you know just too well is the reason for posting the video.

Just have a look at the comments your post here is creating, but for the sober first one, they are all spreading nothing but hate, ignorance and ridicule.

You're of course entitled to spread your divisive anti Islamic propaganda, and so far you haven't posted a single word to counter the effect you posting has on it's more ignorant viewers.

Is that supposed to be coincidental, or are you trying to make us believe you've posted the video as an example of quant foreign humor?

Who do you think you're fooling?

Why not being honest about you anti Islamic political motives?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

My point is not that I or anyone else do not have anti-Islamic motivations. My point is that it doesn't matter whether we do or not. You presumably oppose Nazis. If you posted something against Nazis, would it be a meaningful rebuttal to say, "Oh, you just want to stir up hatred against Nazis." No, it wouldn't. Even if that was your intention, it wouldn't invalidate whatever you had said.

Permitting some speech, and not permitting other speech, based on the presumed moral purity of the person making it, is not a sound or sustainable approach for any democratic society.

The posts here are intended to demonstrate that Muslim immigration has caused objective harm to European societies and that more Muslim immigration is likely to cause more of it. I want that harm to be minimised. The harm is demonstrable based on objective evidence; and the concern about it is rational. Hatred has nothing to do with it. The only hatred I see here is the hatred you have for your own people, assuming, of course, that Europeans are your own people.

Full Auto said...

Learn the reason nations have borders before it is too late.

Apprenez la raison pour laquelle les pays ont des frontières avant qu'il ne soit trop tard.

Full Auto said...

I have been to many countries in my travels. Tell me, why is it that "tolerance" is only a concern for Westerners and no one else? No other nations engage in this. You play by their rules in their countries or bad things happen to you.

You have lost your identity.

J'ai été à de nombreux pays de mes voyages. Dites-moi, pourquoi est-ce que la «tolérance» est seulement une préoccupation pour les Occidentaux et personne d'autre? Pas d'autres pays s'engagent dans ce domaine. Vous jouez par leurs règles dans leur pays ou de mauvaises choses arrivent à vous.

Vous avez perdu votre identité.

Full Auto said...

Some questions for the group:

Who are the most altruistic people on the planet? What happens to a society composed of highly altruistic people when it is infused with massive levels of immigrants who have very low levels of altruism? What is pathological altruism and how might this destroy a nation?

I am not being coy or condescending with anyone here but some of the comments make perfect sense when analyised from this viewpoint.

We are a different people from others. We must recognise these differences so that we may act intelligently.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous '' Too much being made of this islam religion.. what's wrong with people'' Nothing wrong with people, expect people like you. Who don't know any thing about Islam. Or may be you are a muslim.ssk

There's something wrong with you, that's for sure, take your s&*t,get out of europe and don't ever come back.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he says "legal" in French also.

He also says the children are "not permitted", which implies there is a law against it.

It's outrageous.
Amazingly outrageous.
Just imagine some Muslim kid being told he can't eat something out of respect to the Christian religion - there would be immediate world wide outrage!

Anonymous said...

"Islam is a murderous cult built upon the lies and sins of a murdering pedophile. From it's inception it has dealt nothing but violence, bloodshed and intolerance." Well, so is christianity and judaism, only they have existed for much longer than islam and killed alot of people and raped alot of kids in the name of their religion.
I am calling you guys stupid. All of you.

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