Tuesday, 6 August 2013
Michelle had just gone, on Friday afternoon, with her sister Chantal to the ‘Haarrijnse Lake’ to take a cool dip. "Our grandmother was recently deceased and we just wanted to relax. I had been a few times to the beach, but the atmosphere there does not really appeal to me. We only intended to remain there for a short time."

The two young women chose, according to Michelle, deliberately to stay close to the families and not the place where young people gather. "We just wanted to be careful."

At one point, Michelle had a ball kicked hard against her back, whether it was an accident or not. Michelle asked the group to play soccer a bit farther from the sunbathing guests. "I immediately got a big-mouth saying: 'this country is not only yours.’ It was a group of Moroccan boys."

Because she wanted the beach lifeguards to intervene, she walked towards the nursing station. When she turned around, she saw that her sister was surrounded by the group and that she was being pushed and pulled. "I jumped in between to help my sister. I can’t remember everything that was said. The next moment I woke up with a swollen lip, a sore nose and loose teeth. Fortunately bystanders took me out of the water and gave me first aid. "

Tuesday Michelle has an appointment at the police station in order to file an expanded complaint. She also put her story on Facebook, in the hope that witnesses will report to the police. "They were not boys from the neighborhood."

According to the police spokesperson, Ellen de Heer, an appeal has also been placed on Twitter. "We have been involved in the incident and the stories about what happened vary considerably. There are also statements that the women started with the cursing and pushing. We hope that there might be people who come forward as witnesses." Michelle hopes so too. “Because this should not really happen again. We didn’t provoke all this”. For the young Utrecht girl and her sister, it was the last visit to the Haarrijnse Lake. "I will never go back there any more. Since it happened, I hardly dare to come outside and walk on the streets."

The security around the ‘Haarrijnse Lake’ has been a matter of discussion for quite a while. In additional to complaints from girls and women about harassing behaviour by ‘youths and young adults’, there have also been many thefts committed. On warm days, the police sometimes put extra officers there to maintain a permanent watch. Incidentally, this was not the case last Friday.

PVV leader Geert Wilders has expressed his displeasure on Twitter about the incident. "There is only one language that appeals to the Moroccan street thugs: find them, lock them up and deport them out of the country", he writes.
Source: ad.nl


Anonymous said...

Yep it's a pretty big story here in the Netherlands right now

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