Saturday, 10 August 2013

This is a follow-on from this story I posted earlier, in which Muslims became furious when medics touched one of their female relatives while trying to treat her.

Vulgarities, bad language, brawls - aggressiveness is increasing along with the heat in Berlin's open air swimming pools. In Neukölln's Sommerbad the situation escalated: as B.Z. [the newspaper] has learned, after one brawl Arab clans issued a threat on Facebook: "We will wipe out Columbiabad". [the name of the swimming baths]

"A threat like that was made," said the baths spokesman Matthias Oloew. "But we don't know what led up to it."

Eye-witnesses reported to B.Z., however, what triggered it. They observed a brawl that occurred after medics were deployed. "The men from the family of an injured woman felt their honour had been injured because in their opinion the medics providing treatment should not have touched the woman." Tirades of insults followed. Two of the clan heavyweights attacked the medics with their fists.

...One eye-witness: "The clan could only be calmed down after pepper spray was used." One of the two men was later led away in handcuffs.

On the following day unknown persons called on a Facebook page for the Columbiabad to be "wiped out". The baths operators reacted, deploying additional security staff. Spokesman Oloew: "It's true, the previous weekend we deployed reinforcements from Hamburg." Special forces from "Stolzenburg Security" (who work on the Reeperbahn [tn: red-light district in Hamburg] and at rock concerts) inspected the guests at the entrance to the baths. "That made us feel safe, but now unfortunately they've gone," said one regular guest at the baths to B.Z.
Source: Via: PI


Anonymous said...

Stop sending tax payer-funded police, firemen and medics to their neighborhoods. They're gonna stone em anyways and be disrespectful like that.

And then watch the whole place collapse.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

The Muzlim response is not only ridiculous, it's typical and not surprising in the least. Muzlim response to contact of a Muzlim woman by one or two people? Murder 100's of innocent people and children just to get the "offending" emergency workers that saved the life of another follower of the "Religion of Peace".
The worst part is that if the Emergency staff didn't help the Muzlim woman, the emergency workers would have been called racists.

Anonymous said...

When they immigrate to ANY western country - they should sign a pledge stating they will abide by all our laws. The understanding is - if this is breached - they are subject to immediate deportation.

There is nothing unfair about such a contract.

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