Saturday, 3 August 2013
In Sankt-Veit-Straße there are complaints about asylum seekers harassing women in green spaces. The district committee is now demanding more care in the accommodation located there.

"There are problems because of litter, noise and harassment of female park visitors," reported Anton Spitlbauer sen. (CSU) of the district committee.

The summer clothing of the women may be misinterpreted by some asylum seekers from other cultural backgrounds, explained Spitlbauer. Care workers are needed to familiarise the new arrivals with western values.

[Later the article specifies that these "asylum seekers" are] "Afghans, Somalis, Iraqis, Kosovars and others..."

...Spitlbauer is optimistic that at least the nocturnal noise problems will solve themselves. "In a few days Ramadan is over, when it is only permitted to eat and drink in the dark when Allah cannot see!"
Source: Abendzeitung


Anonymous said...

Well. The Hofbrauhaus is not so far away from there. Perhapes it is time to establish there a new school to teach the new comers manners on the rough way.

Reality Check said...

"In a few days Ramadan is over, when it is only permitted to eat and drink in the dark when Allah cannot see!"

There you go, Islam in a nutshell. Fear Allah, always watching to punish the sinners.

Anonymous said...

allaah can't see at night? and they think this thing is a god?

Anonymous said...

I bet they'll fix the issue by telling the German women to be more respectful of their Islamic superiors by covering up to avoid new fines.

Anonymous said...

Send them all back! ZERO TOLERANCE for these cretins!

Edgar Davidson said...

And in a similar vein: in the UK it seems that, in order not to upset Muslims during Ramadan, there are constraints on what British men can wear as fency dress when raising money for charity:

Anonymous said...

Europe exterminated and drove away the Jews; a productive, artistic and peaceful people who contributed greatly to European culture and values. Then, to show how 'liberal' you are, you import these Muslim animals to replace them and finish off killing the few Jews left in Europe. You Europeans deserve to have your face rubbed in this plate of Muslim dogs---. And no I am not a Jew.

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