Sunday, 11 August 2013

I've written before about how the multicult media loves to use spectacular incidents to advance their agenda, often grossly distorting whatever truth lies behind them. The British people have been battered with the Stephen Lawrence stick for about 20 years. In France, there was the recent death of a leftist thug, retrospectively portrayed as an innocent martyr. In Germany, the "Kebab murders" NSU trial is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving for the establishment.

It would be nice to think that with this week's Oprah Winfrey furore in Switzerland, we had reached an unsurpassable pitch of absurdity, but, alas, I have no such confidence.

For those who haven't been paying attention, the African billionairess Winfrey claimed she was the victim of racism in Zurich because a sales assistant refused to show her a bag, thinking it would be too expensive for her because she was a negress.

The true story is very different. A Swiss newspaper published an interview with the sales assistant.
BLICK: Adriana N.*, why do you want to give this interview anonymously?

Adriana N: Because I'm afraid of people's reactions. I don't want to be bothered on the street about this incident. I want to go on living normally and working normally.

How do you feel?

Terrible! I haven't been able to sleep for days. I feel like I'm in the centre of a hurricane. Totally powerless, helpless. It's a horror, what's happening.

Are you afraid for your job?

I asked Trudie Götz on Friday whether she wanted me to resign. She said no and was very understanding. It is good to know there are such good bosses who protect people.

...What did you do?

I went to a showcase and showed her one of these Jennifer Aniston bags that are very popular. I explained to her that these bags were available in various materials and sizes, as I always do. She looked at a rack behind me. Far up. That's where the 35,000 franc crocodile bags are exhibited. I told her that it was the same bag I was holding right there in my hand. Only that it was much more expensive. I was happy to show her other bags.

Oprah Winfrey claimed on US TV that you refused to hand the bag to her for racist reasons.

That's absolutely not true! I even asked her whether she she wanted to have a closer look at it! Ms. Winfrey then looked around the shop again but didn't say anything else.

Winfrey claimed that you said this to her: "You don't want to look at this bag. It's too expensive. You can't afford it."

That is not true. That's absurd. I would never say anything like that to a customer. Really not! Good manners and politeness are the alpha and omega in this business.

...Trudie Götz says it was just a misunderstanding ...
Yes. I spoke English with Ms. Winfrey. My English is okay, but not outstanding. Unfortunately.

...So are you not a racist?
Definitely not! I'm Italian. So why should I of all people then discriminate against someone because of their background? That makes no sense!
Source: Blick

So this whole racism is crock based on Oprah Winfrey's oversensitivity or outright lies. Incidentally, the sales assistant should sue Winfrey for defamation. The incident has had a tangible effect on her life. In the totalitarian culture we live in, the accusation of "racism" or any of the customary accusations of wickedness (islamophobia, antisemitism, bigotry, etc.) that act as substitutes for rational argument can destroy lives and livelihoods. The victims should start suing their accusers.

Normally I wouldn't bother with a story this absurd. It's only the reaction to it that's really interesting. The multicult has seized on it as a pretext to attack the Swiss for their supposed racism, even though the sales assistant is Italian, not Swiss.

The German magazine Focus has an article "So Xenophobic are the Swiss" going through a whole list of incidents that supposedly prove how racist the Swiss are: the Oprah incident, the ban on asylum seekers going to the public swimming pool without prior agreement, the minaret ban, etc.

It also has an article about Christoph Blocher, the former leader of the Swiss People's Party who massively increased its popularity: "The man who brought hatred of foreigners to Switzerland".

Socialist politicians have descended like vultures to their prey.
The Swiss politician and political scientist Andreas Gross recognises a "structural xenophobia", that since the minaret ban can no longer be overlooked.
Source: Focus

Then comes the expected attack on direct democracy. The multicult elites want to impose their will on the rest of us. They don't like when we have the means to stop them.
A ban on minaret building was to be implemented via a referendum. The right-wing populist Swiss People's Party were behind it.

More than half of Swiss people were in favour of it, the establishment and the media were outraged, as weeks before the referendum it looked like it would be rejected. For many Swiss this was a farewell to tolerance and diversity. Direct democracy, which is anchored in the Swiss constitution, is becoming a huge problem for the country. "The basic rights of foreigners are treated with contempt," says Gross. And continues: "There are also deficits in political education and critical openness in Switzerland: the citizens have lots to say, but are not educated enough."


Anonymous said...

OW made a career out of shoving phony racist guilt on Caucasian people (Americans, mainly) while completely ignoring Africans' own huge part in the overall slave trade from the 8th century onwards. She also zeroed in on the sexual perversion angle which is being used, even more than phony racism charges, by the media, politicians and the left, to undermine the West. Foisting miscegenation (through enforced 'immigration'/'migration'), sexual perversion ("gay" rights) and Islam on the West and its peoples are the three main agenda designed to weaken and ultimately eradicate (so they hope) Christianity, and thereby leave the field clear for either (take your pick, they're all totalitarian in nature): Islam, New World Orde or tikkun olam, although they all seem to share the same roots.

Anonymous said...

What was Oprah doing trying to buy a crocodile handbag? They are an endangered species. Surely the PETA fanatics should weigh in on this issue! Oh wait--the protected leftist groups never attack each other, they must maintain "The Narrative" at all costs. . .

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It probably awakened some ancestral memory in her, perhaps a subconscious longing for her ancient homeland.

Reality Check said...

".. the citizens have lots to say, but are not educated enough." Ah yes, the unwashed masses, the troglodytes, ignorant, don't know what is good for them. The elite, they know what is good for the people. Direct democracy allows the troglogdytes to be racists. They shouldn't have any say!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for direct democracy in Switzerland!

Anonymous said...

how was this racist ,
from wat i read ,itseems the swiss dont earn that much, so she was saving oprah embarrassment,
the bag was something like 125000 pounds and the ass dont ear yhat in a year.......

Anonymous said...

Now an animal rights group HAS attacked Oprah for wanting to buy a crocodile handbag:

LOL, the libtards are eating their own!Go animal rights group!

sheik yer'mami said...

Black racism from an ignorant, ridiculous trollop, who's fantastic success came from misguided, dumbed down trailer trash who are even dumber than her.

Where in the world can a fuggly black female make 3 billion dollars by talking shiite?

Only in America.

Anonymous said...

Oprah backs down:

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