Saturday, 24 August 2013

Of the 31,337 defendants who were involved in cases of fake marriages initiated by the Belgian public prosecutor in the period 2010-2012, 11,493 (36.9 percent) were of Belgian origin, 6,371 of Moroccan origin (20.33 percent), 1,445 were Turks (4.6 percent), 890 Algerian (2.8 percent) and 735 Tunisian (2.3 percent). One in four were of unknown nationality.

This information was provided in a reply of Justice Minister Annemie Turtelboom to a written question from Sarah Smeyers (N-VA).

In the year 2010, 5,610 cases were brought before the public prosecutor. In 2011 there were 5,770 and in 2012 there were 4,711. Most of the 4,711 cases in 2012 were situated in the judicial district of Brussels (1590), followed by Liege (488), Dendermonde (436), Charleroi (282), Kortrijk (242), Bruges (226) Ghent (191) , Bergen (186), Hasselt (166), Leuven (120), Tongeren (116), Tournai (111) and Names (103).


Anonymous said...

Please read for "Belgiums" also Muslim import. They just have the Belgium pasport zo they are counted as "Belgiums" which according to their behaviour nd affiliation they are obviously not. The total of fakemarriages of real native Belgiums can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

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