Monday, 5 August 2013

Last year I wrote about how Mohammedanism was corroding the French schooling system. Now it seems it's having a similar effect at university level. The only surprise, perhaps, is that Mohammedans have even been able to get into a university. But with all the diversity quotas these days, I suppose it had to happen.
According to the hearings held in the last few team of experts on secularism, "some university" are faced with "demands for dispensation to justify an absence, wearing signs of religious observance, acts of proselytism, refusal to mix [with other sexes] both at the student and teacher level, disputing the content of the teaching, demands that dietary prohibitions be respected, demands that premises be handed over for worship or for communitarian gatherings..."

"The problems haven't disappeared, have not become more rare, but have become common," indicates the report. The people interviewed speak of "clandestine actions (secret cultural associations, conferences with political-religious content, etc.) Teachers indicate to us, for example, the difficulty they sometimes have in organising student pairs of both sexes for group work."

Largely based on an inquiry conducted by the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) in 2004, the report also raises, without quantifying them or specifying their location, attacks on secularism "in some universities where members of evangelical or neobaptist Christian movements criticised Darwinian theories of evolution in favour of creationist theories. Elsewhere, the writings of Voltaire, Pascal or Camus can be rejected". The "secularism" team of experts of the HCI [High Council on Integration] thus relays the "unease of a growing number of teachers" faced with these "symptoms of the increase in identitarian and communitarian claims, of closure, even ostracism, the refusal of some knowledge."
Source: Le Monde

Of course they throw in some nonsense about Christians at the end just to give it an artificial "balance".


Anonymous said...

So, the French academia has enough courage to mention 'Christian' in the report, but total cowardice in remaining silent over the larger scale of 'demands' which come from Moslems. A further difference is that, whilst Christian students might dispute Darwinism, they are at least able to put forward their own line of reasoning, unlike the Moslems who will merely continue to make demands without reason and will most likely resort to violence or intimidation. So much for laicite!

Maria José said...

3 musulmanes atacan a puñetazos, mordiscos y patadas a varios policías en Lleida

Maria José said...

Tenso fin del ramadán en Mataró

El ayuno de los musulmanes concluye con GRAVES DISTURBIOS

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