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When the question of expelling the Muslims is raised, many people, including those who consider themselves to be part of the Counterjihad, go strangely silent. It's a step too far, some say. It would be an indelible stain on our history, they argue. But the fact is that many large population exchanges have been ordered by governments in the past and are now mostly forgotten. Of course, these were non-European governments. Because one manifestation of the world's favourite ideology - anti-Europeanism - is that Europeans are held to higher standards than everyone else.

Here was one such expulsion I only learned about today thanks to a brief documentary on the Spanish news channel. Here's an article from the New York Times archive that tells the story.
Published: May 5, 1985

LAGOS, Nigeria, May 4— Thousands of illegal aliens, carrying mattresses, clothing and cooking utensils, poured back across the borders to their homelands today, ordered out by Nigeria's military rulers.

The foreigners had been attracted to Nigeria in part by an oil boom in the 1970's, but now the West African nation has deep economic problems and an increasing crime rate, which it attributes in large measure to the immigrants.

On Friday, the Government opened its borders to speed the expulsion of 700,000 foreigners. It was the first time Nigeria's borders with Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon were open since April 1984, when the Government closed them to combat the black market in the country's ailing currency, the naira.

The aliens, who were ordered out last month, were part of the second wave of foreigners to be forced from Nigeria by the Government in three years.

Reporters at the western border with Benin today said Nigerian customs officials were searching the departing foreigners closely and refusing to let tiem carry out more than the 20 naira, or $17.65, allowed by law. They also said bus drivers were doing a brisk business charging twice the normal fare to carry passengers across the border.

The illegal immigrants were among the millions of West Africans, mostly from Ghana, who flooded into Nigeria in hopes of benefiting from the country's oil-based economy.

But world demand for oil has waned and the price has dropped, sending Nigeria into a steep economic decline and swelling its foreign debt.

In January 1983, the civilian Government of President Shehu Shagari ordered out about two million foreigners, blaming them for widespread unemployment and crime. Roads to the border were clogged with people carrying personal belongings.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed Buhari overthrew Mr. Shagari in December 1983, and last month the Buhari Government announced it was giving the remaining illegal aliens until May 10 to leave.

But until the Government opened the borders on Friday, only small groups were reported to have left on planes and ships.

The state-controlled Lagos radio reported Friday that Interior Minister Mohammed Magoro had met with ambassadors from neighboring countries whose citizens were affected by the expulsion order. The radio quoted ministry officials as saying foreigners would be driven to the borders in ministry vehicles or allowed to buy airline tickets with Nigerian currency. Ordinarily, foreigners must pay in foreign currency.

Ghanaian officials said about 300,000 of the 700,000 foreigners were migrant workers from Ghana. Officials said 100,000 were from Niger and most of the rest from Chad and Cameroon.

In addition to the attraction of Nigeria's oil boom, many of the non-Ghanaians came to Nigeria to escape drought and the threat of famine in their home countries.

UPDATE: Another twist. It seems Ghana did the same thing to Nigerians not long before.

Due to major economic concerns, along with the belief that immigrants caused or exacerbated many of the social ills plaguing Ghana and Nigeria respectively, both nations created strict anti-immigration policies. In 1969, Ghana enacted the Aliens Compliance Order, in which hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly Nigerian, were expelled from the country. In 1983, Nigeria introduced the Expulsion Order, in which about the government ordered over 2 million immigrants to leave, most of which were Ghanaian.

I think I will start another info page about this so I can gradually build up a database of previous mass expulsions.


mony said...

u r touching here a very sensitive nerve...
this issue is what skewing the odds against europe.
it is unthinkable in westran codes. still, if europe desire to escape islamization, i can't see no other way. H.Wilders is saying it openly.
it is terrible solution. but isn't muslim europe more horrific?
and obviously- the left will never let it happen. nor the muslim states that will refuse to accept the european muslims back. european left is accepting ethnic cleaning only when it happening to Christians and jews in the middle east.
infect, the most dreadful event of our times is the christians suffering and ethnic cleaning in the middle east and africa but that is not something worth pondering in the leftist minds...
it is something that can be done only in war time and as long west is in denial that war is being waged against it, there is no chance .

alas said...

I think I prefer voluntary repatriation. I think that it will take not much more than passing a few anti-Muslim laws, like closing all Mosques, banning Burquas, etc., as well as providing cash incentives to return home, and together with the fact that their countries are doing better and better economically, I think many will return home voluntarily if the mood of this country changes. During the 1930s, Germany was nearly cleared out of Jews, and the government did very little forcing on this issue, besides of course Kristellnacht.

Josep Trinxeria said...

I couldn't agree more.
I guess you have already seen this powerful video, which puts in a very elegant way why we are always the only ones to be blamed: "Anti-whites debunked":

parisclaims said...

The only way is force, or removal of welfare.

Anonymous said...

I agree with alas. If the governments, and the local indigenous European populations especially, create a hostile enough environment, Muslims will leave voluntarily.

I read a story in a Greek newspaper a few months back that with the rise of Golden Dawn, coupled with the general anti-immigrant mood of the public, immigrants are flooding of Greece. Of course, having a near bankrupt country added incentive too; no more generous welfare benefits. I don't support Golden Dawn (neo-Nazism is no better than Islam) but if Marine le Pen or Geert Wilders were to ever win the leadership of their countries, I think it's safe to say a large chunk of the Muslim population would pack up and leave.

Burges said...

Send everybody back to their homeland: Racial separation is the answer.

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