Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Watch, feel outraged, vote for an anti-EU party:


Nikephoros said...

There is an excellent speech by the UK historian, economist and political analyst entitled:
Transcription: THE NAZIS AND FASCISTS WHO FOUNDED THE EU (And Their Influence Today)
Youtube speech

Basically the Third Reich was never really defeated because the US and UK decided to make a Faustian bargain and allow Germany to have too much autonomy. Germany shifted tact and crafted the European Union to do bureaucratically what it could not do militarily during both World Wars in the 20th Century.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great big best up! Hitler was pro white, anti communist and anti jewish domination of white countries. Euro communism is triumphant, jewish domination of white countries is very nearly complete AND Europe is now turning brown - fast. All this is the fault of the evil nazis? Ha ha ha ha have another drink and let's talk about martians!!

Anonymous said...

Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft (European Economic Community), Berlin 1942:


The Economics Minister of the Third Reich held a series of seminars in Berlin in 1942, the result of which is the above report. It envisaged a European Economic Community which would require open borders, a common currency, an eventual cessation of the nation state with all legislation and control determined from the central body of the EEC. It should be remembered that the Nazis (National Socialist German Workers Party) was a socialist party, the national communists rather than Bolsheviks, the international communists, although both groups' end game was totalitarian domination.

Anonymous said...

The above document link is an English translation of the Third Reich Economic Minister's report on the proposed EEC

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