Wednesday, 28 August 2013
A Tunisian minor has attempted to abuse a 13 year old girl from Milan who was on holiday in Lampedusa. This is backed up by the girl's family, who filed a complaint at the police station on the island. The young man was quickly identified and stopped, pending the outcome of the investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Agrigento. The person involved is an unaccompanied minor who recently landed on Lampedusa and lives at the reception center of Imbriacola.

THE COMPLAINT - The facts date back to Sunday evening. According to the complaint the Tunisian immigrant is said to have attempted to abuse the 13-year-old in a boat. The girl was in the company of a friend, a minor, also from Milan. Apparently while the two kids were waiting on the boat, docked at the pier, for the arrival of some relatives, the immigrant is said to have come on board. There was a scuffle, and soon after the young Tunisian man is said to have shut the thirteen year old in the bathroom, trying to rape her. The girl's friend is said to have scared the immigrant away.
Source: Corriere


Anonymous said...

In the name of the ‘fake humanity god’ are governments of western countries willing to bring their own indigenous population as sacrifice. The floating buckets, filled with shit, from the Third World are far more important than the safety of the citizens. In the terms of reference of every navy in the world, is stated that the navy has the responsibility to the safety of the naval borders of the state. It has to defend the territorial waters in order to defend the country of intruders. Nowhere is stated that the navy has to be nice!. Especially not to people who are coming with falls propositions in order to bring harm. The Icelanders had in former days (perhaps even now) sent directly military gunboats, whenever they had located fishing boats of EU countries trying to enter their territorial waters. Not obeying instructions could (can) lead to a salvo. Why not handle the same way in the Mediterranean Sea?

Maria José said...

Cataluña crea un registro de mujeres con velo integral para combatir el salafismo.

Los Mossos registran los casos de musulmanas que llevan el niqab o el burka.

Los investigadores ven una relación entre este atuendo y el auge del salafismo.

La Generalitat planea prohibir el uso del velo integral en las instalaciones públicas.

patriot said...

the pestilence spreads. it looks like it will be down to the people to sort out this evil across all our lands as the governments are content to watch us and our quality of life suffer at the expense of our childrens future.

Anonymous said...

Can't you leave this poor Muslim alone? Hasn't he suffered enough?

Pica pica said...

So, the poor muslim is the one to feel sorry about? What about the 13 year old girl? Send him back to Tunisia and let him rape Tunisian girls.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 22:28 - Are you serious? You are obviously a Muslim or one of their apologists because you fail to understand what the poor young girl had to endure, instead you are worried about the perpetrator.

Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, there is no mention of any direct link between Islam and this incident although I recognise that the fact that Islam treats women as little better than cattle may have something to do with it. Nevertheless, we should bear in mind that young men of other religions and cultures sometimes do this sort of thing. Raging hormones and lack of adequate socialisation are not exclusive to Muslim youth alone.

I think it important that some reasonably clear link be established between Islam and a particular incident before we attribute it to Islam. If we don't do this we run the risk of our legitimate complaints being dismissed out of hand as scare-mongering, hate-mongering or simple racism.

Anonymous said...

Many Muslim males think they are the crown of creation and infidel women are whores, theirs for the taking. Look at the incidence of rape (by muslim immigrants) of white women in Norway and Sweden. Similar in Denmark - and if you're English - guess who has been behind the grooming and passing around of 13 year old white girls.
Is it the Buddhists or Sikhs or Hindus , you ask??? Actually, no.

90%+ of this crime by 2% of the population should tell you something - unless you're deliberately ignorant because you'd like everyone to be seen as being 'equal'.

Anonymous said...

Allowing muslims into your country is akin to allowing cockroaches into your kitchen.
Actually, it's worse.
Paris Claims

Michael C said...

"Many muslim males think they are the crown of creation and infidel women are whores, theirs for the taking".

Yes: that is what they are INSTRUCTED.

The fault is hardwired throughout the ideology. The ideology itself is hostile and dangerous. Europe's borders need to be defended AGAINST it, not made porous.

Anonymous said...

interesting article on the lack of muslims in Japan

Anonymous said...

why doesn't anybody get sarcasm anymore? When I ask the world to leave this poor Muslim alone and that he has suffered enough, can anyone in his right mind think that I actually side with this mutt? In jail and throw the key away - why do I have to even say this? Also, why does this site make ANONYMOUS the easy application and your actual name is impossible to put down?

Anonymous said...

i thought it was sarcasm!

well, didn't the pope just recently visit lampedusa and wasn't he all on about the plight of the (so-called) refugees? and with the mobots outnumbering the locals, why in hell would anyone go there on holiday? same like those jewish teens in zanzibar. it's like american parents sending their kids on holiday to compton or something, and then being shocked when they get killed by gang members. i'm not excusing the perpetrators, but really, people need to be wise about where they let their unaccompanied kids go.

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