Saturday, 31 August 2013

This is a follow-up to this story.

The statement is interesting because it combines terrorist threats with exactly the same kind of discourse we typically hear from leftists and the mainstream-media-beloved Muslims pretending to be moderate: Nazi analogies, talk of "fear of the Other", complaints about mosque construction permits not being granted, even grumbles about vouchers for free meals in schools. It's all in there. But this time backed up with threats of jihad violence.
A statement signed by 'Africamuslima', affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, castigates "the Nazi gestures of the Catalan government" after information appeared in the press about the Department of the Interior monitoring Muslim women wearing the burka in order to intensify surveillance of Salafism in Catalonia. The text states that "the step taken by the autonomous Catalan government will not remain without a response."

In this sense, it warns that "hardening the discourse that blames Muslims will not solve your problems but will bring you misfortune" and indicates that "we have a moral duty to warn this pseudo-government that any action taken against Muslim women will be responded to both inside and outside Catalonia."

In the document related to the jihadist organisation there are threats to the Catalan executive and it makes clear that "neither the government delegations will be safe, nor the offices of Acció [Catalan separatist organisation], not the minuscule economic interests that remain to it throughout the world."

The document says "the new tone of the Catalan pseudo-government has not surprised us" and adds "our people in Catalonia will not be the scapegoat for the institutional and economic failure and the social consequences that become ever more clear".

"Democracy? And they want to interfere in the way women dress? What's next? The creation of concentration camps for Muslims that don't use the type of clothing dictated by the government?" it asks.

"We note," it continues, "the history of hatred and maltreatment of the Muslim community on the part of the government and its gorillas - Mossos [police] - and denounces examples such as "denying municipal permits for the construction of places of worship", "indiscriminate detention of Muslims", "institutional support and finance for organisations with a Nazi ideology whose clear objective is to intimidate the Muslim community," "exclusion of the majority of formerly tax-paying Muslims from the public health system" and "exclusion of the children of Muslims from the meal vouchers" [in schools].

Finally, the statement concludes, urging Catalan media and elites to "distance themselves from the incendiary, racist and xenophobic discourse, that they had fuelled and are fuelling and that stresses difference and the fear of the other."
Source: e-noticies H/T: Maria José


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