Thursday, 22 August 2013

An enraged negress drove her car into a kebab shop. This appears to have been a hate crime. It is not clear who the negress hated, however. It may have been Muslims because the target was a kebab shop and the CCTV footage appears to show Muslim-looking people but some of the victims' names sound British.
The prosecution also told the court an eyewitness had heard her say "I'll run you all over", "I hate you all" and "I'll mow you all down".
Source: BBC

The Daily Mail account below leaves out the crucial quote above. The BBC article linked to, though, shows no photo of the perp and, of course, fails to mention the fact that she was a negress. Thus must truth be assembled in the age of unreason, shard by shard.
A mother who drove into a kebab shop injuring four people including a close friend has been jailed after trying to blame the crash on her flip flops.

Navlet Anderson, 50, claimed her shoes got stuck under the pedals of her car before it crashed into Antalya kebab shop in Bristol.

She drove her Vauxhall Corsa into Stephen Brothwood before crashing straight through the front windows of the shop and hitting another bystander on April 28.

Despite Mr Brothwood being described as a 'dear friend' and neighbour, the mother-of-two reversed over him as she tried to escape.

Anderson abandoned her car on top of her injured victim who suffered a punctured lung, fractured ribs and legs.

Three other people were hurt and the shop suffered thousands of pounds of damage.
She was cleared yesterday of causing grievous bodily harm with intent but found guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

It is thought she is one of the first people to be found guilty of the new charge after legislation brought it into law last year.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC jailed her for three years at Bristol Crown Court and told her it was a matter of 'pure fortune' no-one was killed.

He said: 'I have not the slightest doubt you were driving in anger. Your anger may have been directed specifically at someone other than those who had the misfortune to be there and be struck by the car.

'But the reality is you drove in such a way in your anger that you had no regard as to who might be in you way.

'Four people were hurt, one seriously, Mr Brothwood, described as a friend, but he was seriously hurt and I have no doubt the injuries he sustained have had, and will continue to have, a significant effect on his life.

'It will be obvious to anybody that has heard the evidence that it is a matter of pure fortune that the injuries were not worse and that somebody was not killed.'

Anderson was also disqualified from driving for five years and will need to pass an extended test.

The court heard Anderson, from Redfield, Bristol, told police the sole of her right flip-flop jammed underneath the accelerator.

She told officers: 'My flip-flop got caught. The accelerator pedal was between my toe and the base of my shoe.

'The flip-flop was underneath the accelerator pedal. It was a sandwich and I was not able to brake.

'The car went through the kebab shop window. I did not see anyone in front of me.'
Anderson said she threw the right flip-flop out of the car window and reversed in shock.
She then pulled the car forward and saw Mr Brothwood on the ground.

She said: 'I wondered what he was doing there. I thought the glass fell on him. I know him very well. He is a neighbour, a dear friend.'

Anderson recalled how she momentarily went to her home nearby 'in a daze' before police arrived and arrested her.

Chester Beyts, defending Anderson, said: 'She has always been remorseful and apologetic for her actions once she realised the gravity of what had occurred.'

Anderson was also handed a three month prison sentence to run alongside after she pleaded guilty to assault by beating.

In a statement DC Simon Atyeo said: 'The victims are still coming to terms with what happened that day, and some are still dealing with the injuries they suffered during this incident, so we are pleased with today’s verdict and hope it will go some way towards helping them with their healing process, and assist them with their recovery.'
Source: Daily Mail


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