Tuesday, 20 August 2013

In Gothenburg, yesterday, a Hijab For All day was held, in which all women were encouraged to wear a hijab for the day in response to a supposed attack on a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. Here is The Local's typically credulous, politically correct account of the incident and what followed it.
A pregnant woman wearing a headscarf was harassed and assaulted in a south Stockholm suburb at the weekend, prompting a call on Monday urging woman to bear headscarves in show of support, regardless of their religious affiliation.

The woman was hospitalized with a concussion late on Friday night after having her head slammed into a car and passing out, she told Sveriges Television (SVT).

"She was wearing a headscarf and she thinks her faith is the reason she was assaulted," Klas Jensgård of Stockholm's southern district police told the TT news agency.

No arrests have been made in the attack, which took place shortly before midnight in the south Stockholm suburb of Farsta.

Speaking with Sveriges Radio (SR), a friend of the pregnant woman explained that the victim had her headscarf ripped off during the incident. Several other women have since come forward with their own accounts of being harassed because they wear headscarves.

The incident, which also involved racist taunts, has sparked a call for all women to don headscarves in a show of solidarity with the pregnant woman.

In an opinion piece published in the Aftonbladet newspaper on Sunday, the organizers of the "hijab outcry" ('hijabuppropet') urged Justice Minister Beatrice Ask to take measures to "ensure that Swedish Muslim women are guaranteed the right to personal safety and religious freedom, without being subject to verbal and physical attacks".

"In addition, we demand that responsible politicians actively draw attention to and fight the structural discrimination that affects Muslim women. We believe that's reason enough in a country where the number of reported hate crimes against Muslims is on the rise – and where women tie their headscarves extra tight so that it won't get ripped off – for the prime minister and other politicians to take action to stop the march of fascism," the authors wrote.

Using the accompanying hashtag #hijabuppropet, users took to Instagram and Twitter on Monday to publish images of themselves wearing headscarves.

Among those who published pictures of themselves were Green Party MP Åsa Romson, Social Democrat Veronica Palm, as well as comedian and television host Gina Dirawi.

On Monday, police told SVT they had secured DNA from the scene of the attack, which they are treating as a hate crime motivated by the woman's faith and dress.

The justice minister has also agree to meet with the organizers of the campaign on Tuesday.

"This must be taken very seriously," Ask told TT.

A number of Swedish individuals are showing their support to one hijab-wearing woman who was harassed and assaulted in Stockholm last Friday night. According to police, the victim believes this was a faith-based hate crime. Using the hashtag #HijabUppropet, which means 'hijab outcry', women, children and even men are posting pictures of themselves online wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf.
Source: Al Jazeera

“We want people to wear a headscarf on Monday. Primarily because we want to normalize the headscarves,” said Bilan Osman, one of the initiators, to P4 Göteborg, Goteborg Daily reported.
Source: OnIslam

The initiative was organised by Muslims but Green and Socialist politicians participated eagerly, posting photos of themselves wearing hijabs.

But it looks now as though the whole thing was just another Muslim fraud.

Someone called Ali, so probably a Muslim himself, called in to a radio show and said he was an eye-witness to the "attack". According to Ali, it was the woman's husband, of the same ethnic group, who hit her because she had been away for too long and not some "racist" European. He said that she had been able to walk away afterwards and was not taken away in an ambulance as reported by the mainstream media. He also pointed out that very few Swedes lived in the area so the claim that she was attacked by Swedes was barely credible to start with.

Source: Avpixlat

This is almost a perfect replica of what happened in France recently. Various Muslim women claimed to have been attacked by "skinheads" in massively-Muslim colonised areas where there were almost no Europeans left. Their accounts did not stand up to close scrutiny. The details were inconsistent. No one believed them, not even the usually politically correct police and politicians. Then the Muslims held "No to Islamophobia" rallies and rioted because people didn't believe their obvious lies.


Red Rose said...

So - can we expect the same idiots to rush to have their genitals mutilated to 'normalize' Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Hey CZ! Very recently here in the Netherlands there was also a "niqaab assault" hoax!!

Anonymous said...

No Muslim woman is going, late in the evening alone out side her house.She is not aloud too: with or without a niqaab.

A new Bullshit comes to light.

Anonymous said...

A similar incident happened in the U.S. when a Muslim woman was beaten to death, supposedly because she wore a hijab. The usual Kumbaya-singers in the media tried to capitalize on it and yes, non-Muslim women were urged to wear a hijab in "solidarity" with the "hate crime" victim. There was even a Facebook page set up demanding "One Million Hijabs."

Police investigations showed the woman was beaten by her husband and a male cousin in a typical Muslim "honor killing." The Facebook page came down, but no one held the Kumbaya-singers accountable for their lies. It was all forgotten as is usual in such cases.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Wow this seems to happen a lot lately

I feel sad for the woman though, RIP. POS scumbag husband should be hanged.

Reality Check said...

Work it baby! Make those infidels get on their hands and knees and crawl to your feet and kiss them. Work it baby! Stupid infidels, so gullible. The left just amazes me. But they do have their new people to replace the old people, the indigenous Swedes. Just like Mo told them.

King Lear said...

An English girl has been arrested after attacking an Asian man who groped her breast. The British establishment press and police have predictably condemned this incident as an unprovoked racially motivated attack.



Anonymous said...

Stupid dhimmi scrunts. I hope they enjoy the acid in their face and their clits being cut off.

Anonymous said...

@King Lear

where does it say he groped her breast?

King Lear said...

At 0.34s of this video the girl says you don't touch my fucking tit mate. If the man did grope her breast why are the media saying it was an unprovoked racist attack? Nowhere is there any racist language used.


King Lear said...

More details here


Anonymous said...

Shit like this amongst other things cause me to believe Swedes deserve their fast approaching extinction.

Anonymous said...

Sweden is ruined, and they only have themselves to blame. Years of left-wing idiots voted into government have changed Sweden from a once strong independent country to a limp, weak-willed immigrant infested hole.

Why did the native Swedes let this happen? Surely something could have been done by now, instead of surrendering their country to an intolerant, fascist, hate-filled mob who follow an ideology that Heinrich Himmler admired!

The Koran teaches it's followers that its OK to lie to the non-believer to further the cause of jihad. Why can't the people see this? Are they really that stupid that they believe everything the Muslims tell them, however ridiculous?

Come on Sweden, what happened to the Viking spirit? The same can also be said of Norway who are also following a dangerous path allowing their country to be swamped with muslims.

Very sad to see. I used to enjoy visiting Sweden but not any more. During my last three business trips a couple of years ago I had to visit Malmo - that's when I decided never to return. For anyone who wants to see what the whole of Europe will be like in 10-years if muslim immigration isn't halted should visit this city. What was once a clean, tidy and welcoming place now resembles Baghdad!


Anonymous said...

What about the native Swedish women who get assaulted? No movement to show support for them, huh?

But then, I guess that would be racist.

Anonymous said...

Why would you think this was a hoax! Why is it when Muslim people are beaten its a lie and when non-muslims are beaten its true? Islam is a great religion ! I would please encourage you to read more about Islam before you condemn it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, 18:09 --- I, like many who visit this website, have read the Koran and its because of that ridiculous book that we DO condemn Islam!

Islam is simply incompatible with western society. We are sick and tired of the killings, intimidation, terrorism, hate speeches, honour killings, acid attacks, imposition of Sharia etc. And the common denominator here? Its all perpetrated by Muslims, so I suggest you open your eyes to the real world and not just believe everything Islam teaches you from the 7th century.

Anonymous said...

b/c windmills do not work that way... how did Gandhi put it? An eye for an eye makes the world go blind I believe?

Now be a good boy/girl and stfu about things you don't understand you racist-doubledigit IQ-mouth breather...

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