Friday, 23 August 2013
Bremen road construction workers were attacked and injured by a 30-strong immigrant group. After intensive investigations, the first six of the suspects have now been traced, the Justice department said on Thursday. The incident has triggered xenophobic reactions. A politician who called for moderation has since been insulted and threatened. The incident occurred 14 days ago. According to police, four people wanted to pass through a road construction works, because otherwise they would have had to take a detour because of the road blockage. As the construction workers prohibited them from doing this, a war of words broke out. Later the passers-by returned with a 30-strong group.

They beat and kicked the workers. Four of those attacked had to be treated in the clinic. One suffered a stab wound in the back. The perpetrators are said to be members of a Kurdish-Lebanese minority, the so-called Mhallami. Around one half of the 2600 Mhallami in Bremen are known to the police. At a vigil attended by residents and politicians, district official Annemarie Czichon condemnded the attack, but warned about sweeping prejudices against the Mhallami clan. She sees the attack as a "unique slip-up" that has nothing to do with nationality or religion. After her speech, anti-Islam internet sites whipped up feelings against the 57-year-old, who has no party affiliation; she received a flood of hate mails. The police are now examining whether any of these constituted criminal offences.

In the meantime the heads of the Mhallami families have met the construction workers. As a sign of reconciliation they brought coffee and pastries. They said the perpetrators must be condemned - but not entire groups of people.
Source: Via: PI


Maria José said...


Grupos de "franceses" de origen magrebí organizan peleas con puños y navajas para divertirse

El pasado fin de semana los Mossos detuvieron a 17 personas en dos intervenciones, una en un hotel y la otra en el parking de una discoteca.

Anonymous said...

Another useless moo-slimes "living in"!

Anonymous said...

Muslims are all deadly evil beasts.

Anonymous said...

"sees the attack as a "unique slip-up" that has nothing to do with nationality or religion."

maybe but they have a common sense that belongs in another time, low-level minded crap from middle east.
who the f-k is this individuals who are running for help to ambuse road workers who are doing their job..

its time to stop talking and go to action against these low-level minded crap from the dark age who are divoted to allah

Anonymous said...

Amazing how this perception of muslims is so widespread in so many countries. They're the same wherever they go - and elicit the same reactions from the host populations.

sheik yer'mami said...

The construction workers would be well advised not to consume coffee and pastries offered by muselmaniacs. ...anything could be in it.

Anonymous said...

Deadly beasts are those politicians who are so stupid, vile and dishonest to bring those "Kurdish criminals" into these countries. Any criminal wanted by a government in the third world is a freedom fighter for western politicians and is welcome here. There he would be put in prison. Here he's given welfare to let him practice jihad.

Anonymous said...

they are only in your country because your politicans want them there. there seems to be a world-wide movement by politicans to colonized every western country with these barbarians.

Anonymous said...

it is incredibly racist to just pat the little muslims on the head and send them on their way. if the community are sorry, screw the pastries, bring us the 30 assailants so they can be prosecuted. if they want to live in germany then i daresay it is illegal to stab road workers. EVERYBODY hates detours, and they don't have to react that way, and it's really extremely racist to pretend they can't behave better than that, so "hey, lets just give 'em a pass on the assault thing."

Anonymous said...


Sadly, your statement is quite true. Muslim restaurant owners and staff are notorious for deliberately putting nasty things in customers' food.



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