Wednesday, 21 August 2013
The aim of refraining from the use of Christian symbols in the new Christmas lights in the city centre has met with criticism and incomprehension. "This is misinterpretation of what tolerance means," said the former city deacon, Father Heinz-Manfred Jansen, speaking to the ST [newspaper]. Christian festivals would be senseless and empty if their content was no longer understood.

Even in the city hall there is unhappiness about the plans from retailers and city management. Tolerance among religions should allow for Christmas lights to contain recognisably Christian symbols, explained city manager Hartmut Hoferichter.

The cause of the irritation is statements made by Christoph Krafczyk. The city manager from the city centre office had indicated that the new lighting concept for Christmas time would aim for "neutral elements". It should appeal to everyone, he said, "in the end we are living in a multicultural world".

...Germany always succeeded in integrating people of another faith, without forgetting its own traditions in the process, said Solingen's FDP leader Ulrich G. Müller. "Why should we deny our own roots? We are still the majority in this city. And those who are coming to us, and living here in the third or fourth generation will have these roots sometime too."
Source: Via: PI


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I hope the shop owners ignore this completely, and display the largest crosses, angels etc. they can find!

Germany is (well, was) a majority Christian country and should keep it's traditions and culture, not bend over to be shafted by intolerant Muslim immigrants.

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