Sunday, 25 August 2013

The German police is holding a recruitment event in a mosque controlled by the extremist Milli Gorus movement. Milli Gorus was founded in Turkey in 1969 by the politician Necmettin Erbakan, whose religiously-oriented parties were banned by the Turkish government for violating Turkish laws on secularism. The movement, which has since spread around the world along with Turkish colonist populations, aims at overthrowing the existing secular order and replacing it with an Islamic one, with borders melting away to form one grand Islamic nation. It is generally anti-Western and antisemitic.

Even the German agencies for protection of the constitution have been critical of the movement in their annual reports. But that doesn't seem to have deterred the police from seeking new recruits from among its ranks.
On Sunday 25/08/13, between 10 am and 3 pm, there will be a careers information event in an unusualy place, namely a mosque.

Several public employers in Braunschweif and the Islamic community of Braunschweig want to pursue a new path of integration.

It is intended not just for young members of the Islamic community, but all young people from the Braunschweig region, regardless of their faith.

In this way we want to make a contribution to integration and integrating young people professionally into German society; Braunschweig employers want to be helpful in this regard.

The event motto is therefore: "Others talks, we Braunschweigers act!"

The event will take place in the mosque in Varrentrappstra├če 21 in Braunschweig.
Source: Braunschweig police

Here you can see proof that this mosque is under Milli Gorus control.

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

Insane beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Way too many forces are
working against peace


at the same time pretending by using that same word, to be working towards peace

If peace is what you want, better be prepared for war

European political elites do not want peace, or they do want the so called peace, where there are no longer European peoples, only dhimmies neither willing, nor capable of fighting against totalitarian "peace"

Anonymous said...

we are being betrayed.

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