Monday, 26 August 2013
"Where did the Islamic veil problem appear in 1989?". This question, present on some Apéricube [tn: little wrapped cubes of cheese] wrappers, unleashed a storm of controversy on the internet yesterday. The question goes back to the arrival of young girls at their school in Creil with veils on their heads. The fuss started from Al-Kanz, a web site that features news and analysis, trends and perspectives concerning the halal market and Muslim consumers.

The company caved in completely following a barrage of complaints from Muslims.

"The photo of this wrapper in fact dates from 2010. These questions were taken from our partnership with the game Trivial Pursuit,", it specified first of all.

"We are well aware that some people could find this question shocking. It is totally inappropriate and does not reflect in any way the position of Bel and the brand Apéricube, whose values make respect for the beliefs, the culture and the convictions of each other a fundamental principle."


Maria José said...

READ the comments in this report :

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good article, but I see the censors are already on the case and many comments have been removed. They were all voted highly too, so no doubt they were the true anti-muslim ones. The Telegraph must have a PC-loving lefty moderating the comments!

Anonymous said...

islam is cancer

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