Saturday, 17 August 2013
Grocery in Foucarmont, Marie-Paule has decided to close her shop after 50 years. She blames the behaviour of certain "jeunes".

Her grocer was one of the oldest shops in the small village of Foucarmont, in Seine-Maritime. But after 50 years of good and loyal service, Marie-Paule has just decided to close her shop, tired of the attempted burglaries, the nocturnal intrusions and, above all, the attack last week on a local person who wanted to help her.

Today, the shopkeeper says that certain "jeunes" are responsible for her decision to finally close the curtain. "There are some who are fine, some "jeunes". But there are some who come at midnight, 2 in the morning. Once or twice, when you don't respond, they break the window in the kitchen," says Marie-Paule, speaking on RTL. One attack too many.

A planned retirement "before it's too late"

"That's enough. It bothers me a bit for my regular customers, because all the same I have some good customers during the day, but well, everything has an end. Now, I'm going to retire."

Regarding this anticipated and forced closure, Marie-Paule admits off the microphone that she prefers to stop "before it's too late".
Source: RTL


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