Thursday, 15 August 2013
Together with his wife and the 17-year-old woman's parents he is charged with deprivation of liberty and serious violence against the 17-year-old girl. According to police, the girl was abused because the she was dating a Danish boy.

At first the girl was picked up by her parents in Nørrebro (Copenhagen), where they told the unsuspecting girl a lie that they would pick up her little brother.

Instead, they drove to her uncle's house, where the parents according to the indictment gave the message to the uncle the he could just kill the 17-year-old, since her parents did not want to see her anymore.

Then the brutal punishment began that only ended when the girl managed to escape through a window.

According to the indictment, it was the uncle who was responsible for most of the brutal punishment. Thus, it was the uncle who ordered the girl to undress, before he whipped her with a leather belt while her own mother and aunt looked on. It was also the uncle, who strapped a belt around the girl's neck, until she lost consciousness. ...

The prosecution presented a text conversation between the girl and her uncle:
'... Please let me go to school again. I need only three months and cannot bear to be home ... '

The uncle's response was, 'Sorry. The most important thing now is that you get Allah's forgiveness. We will help you find a job ...'

Source: Ekstrabladet - Uncle refuse honour violence: Its all made up


Pica pica said...

What kind of parents are they? Something must be missing in their brains and hearts.

Anonymous said...

muslim parents, thats what are they lol :)

Anonymous said...

The girl was lucky. she could escape and her life was granted to her. Most Palestinian girls and women, in the same situation, find death after turture and extreem rough beating that ends with broken skull.Many times girls like she do not have any relation at all ...They are caught when they just say Hallo to a class mate. In Arab society parents do not care much for their femal children. They are no more than trash ...a bad luck after long months of pregnancy when they expect a male child.

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