Sunday, 11 August 2013
The slaughterhouse has, according to Gunder P. Jensen, received about 700 inquiries from consumers who demand meat that was not ritually slaughtered. ... Late July Gråsten Poultry asked Danish authorities and asked permission to label meat "not halal slaughtered" or "halal free". Now the Food & Drug Administration has notified Gråsten Poultry that the company must not mark the meat "halal-free" but is allowed to use the label "not halal".
'- This means that we now can provide consumers with an opportunity to choose (halal or not halal) when they buy their meat,' says Gunder P. Jensen TVSouth"
Source: TV2 - Chicken farmer ready with "not halal"-labelling 


Anonymous said...

Excellent! No sane person who values his own people and country should 'choose' or allow, "halal" to be foisted on him. If you purchase 'halal', then you are providing Moslems with income, and a part of that income goes towards Zakat ('charity' --- it's an obligatory, annual tax all Moslems pay on their income/wealth/property), and one of the uses of Zakat as it says in the Koran (Sura 9, Verse 60) is "for the Cause of Allah" --- JIHAD.

Why do you think Halal is being pushed so intensely throughout the Western world? There aren't --- yet --- that many Moslems who need to pick and choose to be sure of eating only Halal food or buying only Halal products (cosmetics, for example): The World Halal Congress has said Halal will 'conquer the world' because Westerners "don't care what they eat." Halal provides Moslems with trillions in profits and those profits partly fund Jihad, warfare, against us.

A "NOT HALAL" campaign is a good start, but the real facts of why Halal is being shoved, lterally, down our throats, has to get out into the general public domain and there have to be massive public protests against supermarkets, governments, councils, schools --- any firm or any operation which is supporting our destruction by selling, or permitting Halal --- as either slaughter, certification or sales.

Anonymous said...

Halal food is disgusting. Not all of it, but most products are

Anonymous said...

Halal must be outlawed, it is utterly barbaric to torture an animal in this way. Civilised western countries already had a quick and mechanised way of slaughtering animals - namely the captive bolt. Why oh why did we allow this medieval 7th century ritual to replace it?

All supermarket meat is Halal, as are all ready meals and most restaurants and fast-food joints.

This is a good start and I hope other farmers take note across the globe and start labelling their products as such.

Halal is pure evil and must not be encouraged!


Anonymous said...

Halal and Kosher should both be banned. Both are unnecessarily cruel to animals, both fund their own followers' interests with monies from the rest of us and, by allowing them, we're supporting the debilitating concept of parallel systems at the expense of our own basic values and freedoms. In fact, an argument can be presented that, in allowing Halal & Kosher, and Ben Din & Sharia courts, we've permitted, under the false flag of 'religious tolerance', two ideologies both historically hostile and antithetical to the West's foundational beliefs. Kosher isn't often discussed publicly but, like Halal, it is applied to food and non-edible items; it has circulated in Western economies, often not obviously so to the average shopper, for over a century, and it, too, is a business in the trillions which underpins 'faith' schools, media and private and foreign interests.

Jake-a-runi said...

Yes, it seems true that if one would prefer not to augment the cash flow to Islamic terrorism, one should refrain from purchasing halal foods and heroin.

der Kanadier said...

A little bit of good news. I don't understand the fuss over semantics with "halal free" vs "not halal" but no matter. I hope that more Europeans use their voice and start demanding non-halal meet; if there's enough of a push back more and more businesses will stop foisting halal on everyone. Businesses use halal because it's cheaper than providing two types of meat and they've been able to get away with it without complaint. If people start complaining and vote with their wallet, halal will be yanked, fast.

Pica pica said...

It's all about money! For every halal product you pay money to their organisation and some of it is forwarded to al-Qaida.

We have always had jews in Europe. They never demanded kosher food served in schools, hospitals and jails.

Anonymous said...

A prepared food product made with pork and halal chicken (chicken thighs stuffed with sausage comes to mind) would be nonhalal, but would not be halal free. Similarly, if a single requirement were not met in the butchering of an animal, or it were touched with pork or alcohol, it would be nonhalal.

This ruling allows an abbattoir to convert its operations to halal--hire Muslims to dedicate the animal to Allah, slit its throat while conscious and let it bleed out--and still make the same claim about its product as Gråsten Poultry does. There is no economic disadvantage to using exclusively at least part of the halal process.

Permitting "not halal" while forbidding "not halal slaughtered" or "halal free" labeling placates the kuffar, dampens the groundswell of antihalal sentiment, but allows the conversion of the industry to shariah compliance to continue unabated. I'm afraid this ruling is more of a loss for Denmark than a victory.

Anonymous said...

If Muslims want everything their way, then they need to go back where they come from. Muslims need to be deported where they come from. I say deport them all!!!!

Joseph said...

YES ! Let's have more producers doing this to show our dislike of this enforced and subversive use of halal products. I would buy it.

He Apologia Tou Timotheou said...

All vegetables are halal. If Muslims want halal, they can go vegetarian. Forcing businesses to pay for a label, the funds of which end up in Muslim charities is unjust. I've stopped eating Döner in Germany for this reason and have returned to German bakeries/butcher shops for lunch. It's cheaper there anyway.

IDOTCOL said...


Peace said...

Dear all,

I think your perception towards halal needs to be based on the right fact about it. Why do you make comments before you really know what halal is? The most important thing is, Halal actually is only obligatory for moslems, while of course non moslems have all the rights not to eat halal food, or even reject it.

We are in the 21 century guys, you can learn about Halal even from the internet. Is Halal bad for health? Please learn about it, and by then probably you could make comments by saying Halal is not appropriate for human beings or otherwise.

Moslems are just like you guys, they are human beings. Some of them are good, but some of them probably are bad too. Just like anyone else, human being can be right and can be wrong too. Please do not hate others just because they are different. God creates people differently, so we can learn from each other, not to hate each other. Moslem people are part of Europe too now, they work for Europe too now, they speak European languages too now. So why do you hate Halal so much?

Anonymous said...

@Peace 22/08/13 12:20 -- We don't want Halal slaughtered food forced on us, why can't you understand this?

Halal slaughter is barbaric and cruel even without the religious overtones.

If you do consider the religious angle though, why are culturally and historically Christian countries forcing Halal on the population? In the UK its not even labelled and over 97% of shops, supermarkets and restaurants sell it without people knowing.

Christians and Sikhs are forbidden to eat Halal food, and no doubt many other religions follow suit so why do the UK allow the 7% Muslim population to demand Halal and dictate for the whole country?

Can you really not see the problem here? We don't want it! Halal is barbaric, cruel and a throwback to the 7th century. Islam needs to modernise instead of trying to change the host country they swarm into. We have simply had enough, OK?

nash said...

I assure you that its not the demand of the muslims that is forcing slaughter houses to produce halal meat but pure economic reasons. And i can also assure you that slaughter houses owned by non-muslim danish people do not pay any zakat or charity to any muslim organization. If any individual employee (a danish citizen) of the slaughter house does choose to contribute to any charity, he/she is allowed to do so as per danish laws.
Further more in a cou.try where you have so much diversity and potential to grow based on that it is beyond comprehension why one of the fastest growing segment of people should be viewed as terrorists based on their religion.
And FIY Jihad covers everything from feeding the poor, education, supporting those he cant support themselves etc. Its not just limited to what you hear in the media.

Anonymous said...

halal is very good

Anonymous said...

Halal means that the animal is sacrificed by cutting the throat which is the least painful method, you can look it up scientifically, shock is actually the barbaric one. Also science has proved that when an animal is killed using shocks, it dies while it blood is still in its body (and not released as it does when cutting throat) and it causes the whole meat of the animal vulnerable to disease.

Also providing halal food doesn't mean that the meat is coming from some muslims farms, it just means that one of the worker who kills is muslim, i am sure he is not paid millions of dollars.

Research before spreading hate speech.

sunny said...

wow so much hate.first of all ita MUSLIMS, we are not diffrent then others or come from an other planet,we are all human there is no diffrent between white or black and muslims and non muslims. as muslim we belive on One God (ALLAH) and we are following the rolls of ALLAH.ALLAH bless you all, i hope you
people try to learn about Islam and see what is wrong and what is right.I hope ALLAH give us all knowledge to understand ISLAM :) One more thing ALLAH is not only God for muslims but he is God for all univers.

Anonymous said...

I'm very lucky to be a Singaporean and stay in Singapore coz we have ZERO TOLERANCE of being racism and make racism remarks. Most non muslims Singaporean understands what halal is and most of my Christians n Catholics friends DO EAT halal food too. Muslims here respects the Hindus and Buddhism too, who does not eat beef and we serve mutton, chicken or vegetarians on weddings, birthdays and housewarming invitation to accommodate them. And for us Muslims visiting non-muslims home, we will also be served Halal food or vegetarian food coz they respect our religion too. I hope everyone in the world will not hate each other just because of Halal issue.

Karl Sandenbergh said...

The funny thing is most of the Muslims who come and defend Islam here are anonymous. Why? Islam is driven by fear and women are treated like animals in Middle eastern countries. The only way Muslims can stop Christians in these countries is by deporting, torturing or killing them. This is Not in accordance with logic and basic human interaction. You cannot force anyone into religion. And those coming with nonsense like where is your facts. Do yourself a favor and go watch a few videos on liveleak. Worst videos are Muslims executing people, even their own. And I'm not saying all of them are like this. You cannot PROVE me otherwise, all you can do is curse and condemn me. Watch the replies on this post. Just my cup of tea.

Lavis Kavin said...

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Mery Smith said...

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