Friday, 30 August 2013
Dhimmitude of the Netherlands
by Henk Lomax

An historical overview.

In 1951, came the first Muslims, as a group, to the Netherlands. This involved a number of Moluccan families of former soldiers (from the former colony that is now the Republic of Indonesia).

In 1954 a Dutch translation of the Qur'an appears.

Friesland , in the Netherlands, already has the first real mosque built in 1955. The second was built in The Hague.

Until the seventies, the Muslim community had barely stirred. Although they continued with their fidelity to Islam, they made no specific demands of Dutch society; probably partly because of their relatively small number.
The political climate is as follows. A starting point is: there must be the right to preserve (immigrants’) own culture and the government should keep aloof from the integration of minorities.

1970: Family reunion is taking place. That leads to the abolition of the law which prohibits marriage between blood relatives.

Prompted by the governing influence of the Dutch Socialist Party (PvdA) in the major cities, this slowly creates an unbridled expansion of Islam. Since integration is not paramount, the Social Services also starts releasing leaflets in Arabic and Turkish.

In 1977: Decisions of the meat inspectorate are adjusted so that Islamic slaughter is permitted.

1988: The call to prayer from minarets is deemed legally equivalent to the ringing of church bells. In the same year, the first Islamic primary school is opened.

In 1993: the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting [Nederlandse Moslim Omroep, NMO] organisation was founded. The NMO is an affiliate of the Dutch Muslim Council [Nederlandse Moslim Raad (NMR)].

1997: An Islamic university is opened (?) in Rotterdam.

From the beginning of the 21st century, the ‘Dhimmituding’ of The Netherlands is accelerating at a rapid pace. After September 11, 2001, the official government position is: there is no relationship between (Muslim!) terrorism and Islam. The policy in the mainstream media is systematically to ignore the negative impressions Islam can generate. More and more, Islam critics are labeled Islamophobes, xenophobes or racists. In many areas are quality and admission standards are revised downwards to promote Muslim integration and participation. Measures against hate preaching imams are rarely taken.

2001: In the Dutch parliament (de Tweede-Kamer) there is a serious discussion of proposals to ban bottles of wine in Christmas hampers.

2002: A quarter of primary schools in cities of the Randstad area (coast line) shift the celebration of Christmas because it coincides with a Muslim holiday, or abolish it entirely.

(From) The municipal elections of 2002. The Dutch Socialist Party, PvdA, appoints, in disproportionate numbers, councilors and aldermen with an Islamic background. Many of them are involved in scandal based on past or present acts or sympathies. In almost all cases, the party leadership is involved in protecting them.

The number of incidents in which Islam is an underlying factor, increases exponentially:
There are increasing number of reports on homophobia among young Muslims, anti-Semitic discords during anti-Israel demonstrations, disturbances and destruction at commemorations and threats made to dissenters.

2006: Queen Beatrix attends the 50th anniversary of a mosque in The Hague. She agrees in advance upon not shaking hands.

In the opinion of Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner, Islamic law (Sharia) could be introduced in the Netherlands.

Minister for Development Cooperation, Agnes van Ardenne, calls Islam critics inherently dangerous fundamentalist secularists.

The Commissioner of the Queen in the province of North Brabant, Hanja Maij-Weggen (Christian Democrats CDA), bans the use of a boar on the logo for the celebration of the 900-year anniversary of the Duchy of Brabant.

The anti-gay and misogynist fundamentalist Muslim Faizel Enait, from Rotterdam, wins the grand prize in an essay contest organised by the Wiardi Beckman Foundation (WBS), the scientific office of the Socialist Party (PvdA).

According to ‘Facts-book’, in the year 2006, 62% of Dutch indigenous adults judged that the way of life of Muslims was incompatible with Western European standards. This fact was and still is completely ignored by successive governments.

After the parliamentary elections of 2006, ministers with dual nationality are appointed. The objections raised by the right wing concerning their loyalty are not taken seriously.

2007: New requirements are imposed for passport photographs in official documents. An exception is made for Muslims.

Several Islamic schools and mosques are accused of fraud and abuse:
- As-Sunnah mosque in Amsterdam
- El Ameen Ameen El I and II in Amsterdam
- Salah Eddin El Ayyoubi in Helmond
- Overarching Foundation of the Amsterdam Islamic primary schools (SIBA)
- As-Siddiq and the ICA Islamic College Amsterdam
- Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam (2013)

The District Board ‘De Baarsjes’ Amsterdam grants planning permission for the megalomaniac Wester mosque (Westermoskee) to the controversial ‘Milli Görüs movement and gives them 2 million euros.

Within a week ex-Chief Police, Joop van Riessen, declares on TV that Wilders voters should be actually be deported from the country. Mrs. Pauline Meurs, deprives those voters, through the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), of their Dutch identity and Tjibbe Joustra Chief National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTB) declares in the newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ (AD) that he does not like the tone of the debate on the Islamisation of the Netherlands.

The restaurant of the Dutch parliament (de Tweede-Kamer) serves halal kebab.

While driving a car, Muslim women may wear Muslim headscarves, niqabs or burqas. It is allowed even during the driving test, although the examiner, in that case, is less able to see whether the woman is looking correctly in the mirrors and if she makes enough eye contact with other road users.

Affixing compass cards in police cells in order to point the way towards Mecca for Muslim prisoners is a constitutional right. This was the response of the Interior Minister, Guusje ter Horst from the Dutch Social Party (PvdA), to parliamentary questions from the Party for Freedom (PVV). Muslims are given the opportunity to pray in the right direction by the dots or compass cards in the cells

The Leiden professors W. A. Shadid and P.S. Koningsveld declare that Muslim female students of medicine cannot be expected to be examined by fellow students.


There is discussion in the Dutch parliament (de Tweede-Kamer) on allowing headscarves for police officers.

"Ramadan is for all of us": a statement made by Minister Ella Vogelaar of Housing, Neighborhoods and Integration.

Universities adapt the curriculum for female Muslim medical students; they do not need to study the male genitals.

2008: The Minister of Justice wants to accommodate Islam and revive the criminalisation of blasphemy.

Een religieus huwelijk zonder burgerlijk boterbriefje is strafbaar. Ondanks de druk van een aantal politici en een burgemeester geeft minister Hirsch Ballin echter steeds weer aan niets in het uitschrijven van bekeuringen (€ 3.350,--) te zien. Hij geeft de voorkeur aan voorlichting en wil de dialoog aangaan over ’dit voor Nederland nieuwe fenomeen’.

A religious marriage without a civil marriage certificate is a punishable offense. Despite pressure from some politicians and a mayor, Minister of Justice, Hirsch Ballin, points out that he does not see any value in issuing fines (of € 3350). He prefers education (information) and wants a dialogue about 'this new phenomenon for the Netherlands'.

Amsterdam Municipal Transport wants to abolish Christmas staff.

The Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen (Socialist) distances himself from earlier attempts to stimulate the development of Islam in a liberal direction. He decides that street coaches (who are municipal workers) do not have to shake hands with a woman if their faith does not allow this.
The number of Muslims in our country has grown from 54,000 in 1971 to 1,000,000. The Netherlands has currently 450 mosques.
(Compared to a total of 467 municipalities).

Bishop Muskens of Breda says "Allah = God" and calls for abolishing the second Pentecost day as a public holiday and in return giving the day back to Muslims as a public holiday for the ‘Eid’ or ‘Feast of Sacrifice’.

The movie ‘Fitna’ will soon come out. The Dutch government sides with the Muslims in advance and blames Wilders for any outbreaks of violence.

Construction workers in Almere are ordered not to wear shorts at work, but long trousers, because their summer clothes annoy Muslims.
For the same reason, discreet nudes are removed from the town hall of Huizen.

Dutch firms (companies) gave away to the threatened boycott in Jordan against Dutch and Danish products. Zwanenberg (Zwan sausages) and Friesland Foods (cheese) take out advertisements in Jordanian newspapers distancing themselves from Geert Wilders' movie ‘Fitna’.

Fortis Bank takes the saving piggy bank’s out of circulation to avoid bothering Muslims.

The Dutch public news channel NOS deliberately chooses to start its graphical presentation of the weather by using the Islamic crescent as a symbol for the night.

Polygamous marriages, which occur in most Muslim countries of origin, are allowed to be registered in the basic administration of the Municipality of Amsterdam, this in violation of Dutch laws.

750,000 native Dutch are participating in Ramadan.

State Secretary of Transport, Mrs. Tineke Huizinga (Christen Unie) – What business does she have interfering with the subject?- wants Eid as a national holiday.

A trial of a highway robber is postponed because the accused is participating in Ramadan.

Muslim lawyers do not need to stand up for the judge at the court of justice.

Some hospitals keep female doctors on call, outside normal clinic hours, in case Muslims demand it.

Some public schools close their doors during Eid.

The Dutch police corps, District Hollands-Middle, allowed Muslims to submit to Allah in their oath of office.

2009: Under pressure from its members, the party executive of the Dutch Socialist Party PvdA, is going rewrite the new integration vision. According to the members, the piece focuses too much on the problems with immigrants and Islam, while "the power of diversity" is rarely mentioned.

2009: The city of Utrecht opens two information counters at the ‘Omar Al Farouk’ Mosque next to the Overvecht rail station. One of these “one-stop shops” is specially designed for men, the other for women.

In March 2009 50 seats are reserved for a performance of ‘Salaheddine’, in Rotterdam’s Zuidplein Theatre; specifically for Muslim women who do not want to sit alongside men. This under the guise of an "experimental marketing tool”. By this the theatre breaches the legal prohibition on direct discrimination in the provision of a service and the performance of a contract such as that found in Article 7, paragraph 1 of the General Equal Treatment Act.

For years municipalities have been cooperating with Moroccan parents who are coming to declare the birth of a child. They supply them with a list bearing (Islamic) names approved by the Moroccan government, from which they can choose a name.

‘The Polder Muslim Headscarf Brigade’, set up by some Muslim women, organise a conference in the Al Kabir mosque in Amsterdam. In addition, among others present are the President of the union FNV, Agnes Jongerius, and the chairman, Doekle Terpstra, of the HBO Council . The first Headscarf Prize is awarded to a company that has worked for the social acceptance of the headscarf in the workplace.
The Defence Department wants the controversial radical Muslim Ali Eddaoudi appointed as the chaplain for Dutch soldiers.

The Municipality of Haarlem finances 5000 Orange headscarves for Queen’s Day.

To give Muslims no offence, it has already been decided after two weeks not to speak of ‘swine flu’ but of ‘Mexican flu’ instead.

The court in Amsterdam is finally about to prosecute Wilders for inciting hatred and discrimination. There will be a political process; conducted against a democratically elected Dutch politician, who alone has the guts to show the hypocritical ‘dhimmitude’ referred to above. Wilders has already been denounced as too great a threat to electoral established politics and must be disabled. Through a conviction it would be possible to deprive him of a claim on the premiership in advance.

A publicity campaign for the province of Overijssel calls attention, through an advertising poster, to the qualities of the Overijssel landscape. The poster is prominently displayed with a Muslim headscarf.

The municipality of Apeldoorn wants a polling station set up in the As Soena Mosque.

Detainees in numerous Dutch prisons get only Islamic food. That's because the Justice department concludes beneficial contracts with suppliers who provide only halal food. Pork is now therefore no longer on the menu in many Dutch prisons.

The Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen (PvdA) is happy that the police are to recruit staff in mosques. Thus, it provides a Corps' diverse team, "a wish of the Cabinet.”

The Rotterdam Municipal Health GGD, waives vaccination requirements for Mecca pilgrims.

A democratically elected member of parliament is prosecuted for insulting Islam.

Banning the Christian cross on the Sinterklaas Miter as it could be hurtful to Muslims. Amsterdam actually bans the cross on the miter of Sinterklaas.

A Christian school serves a halal Christmas meal.

The school removes the Christmas tree in order not to hurt Muslims.

There are increasing outbreaks of violence, conducted by Muslims, in Gouda and Culemborg. A serious threat to hospital staff in Bergen op Zoom goes unpunished. The police are just looking into the matter.

2010: The City of Tilburg provided a subsidy of nearly 150,000 euros to grant Muslim women a sauna visit, a visit to the amusement park Efteling and trips to Brussels.

Statement of Prof. Mr. Maurits Berger (University of Leiden): "Dutch law and Sharia law are more than 95% the same".

The website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that a grant of $1 million euros has been awarded to the organisation ‘American Society for Muslim Advancement’. That organisation, in cooperation with the Islamic organisation ‘Cordoba Initiative’, is responsible for the hundred million dollar Islamic centre including mosque, to be built near Ground Zero.

2011: Amsterdam covers pool windows as Muslim women swim laps.

2012: The amusement park Walibi Holland introduces a space for Islamic prayer

and so on .....and so on …


Anonymous said...

The strong impulse toward altruism that is peculiar to the white race, and built western civilization, is being used to destroy all that is beautiful and noble.

Anonymous said...

The strong impulse toward altruism that is peculiar to the white race, and built western civilization, is being used to destroy all that is beautiful and noble.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the speech of Paul Weston on the Woolich killing
You understand that the Dutch governments are following the same morbid politic line, the way other European countries do. In the last 40 years the European Indigenous are foolish enough to vote, time after time, for parties who are following sicko ideology and show obviously indifference and even hostility toward their own local voters.

Anonymous said...

In 2006-08 (if memory serves) there was a huge controversy over a book which was banned in the Netherlands called: The Downfall of the Netherlands, Land of the Naive Fools by Mohammed Rasoel (aka Pakistani cabaret artist Zoka F.)
Foreword by the translator

On December 16, 1992 the Pakistani cabaret artist Zoka F. was ordered to pay a sum of 2000 guilders. The Dutch judge ruled that it had been proven that his book, 'De ondergang van Nederland', published under the pseudonym 'Mohammed Rasoel' was a racist pamphlet written with the sole purpose of inciting hatred. This sentence was followed by a massive public display of political correctness with the book being taken from the shelves in most bookstores throughout the Netherlands, and quickly forgotten about.

The e-book is difficult to locate online. The above link appears to remain active.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Someone sent me a copy recently. Haven't had time to read it yet.

der Kanadier said...

The Netherlands is worse off than I imagined. I knew they were on par with England but seeing it broken down into every last detail really gives a scope of their descent.

Hard to imagine what a mere 40 years (Muslims starting to agitate in the 1970s) can do to a country. But, like the old axiom of a frog being slowly boiled to death, I imagine the Dutch aren't aware themselves just how far they've fallen. This article needs to spread far and wide throughout the Netherlands and perhaps it will shock them back into their senses.

They're eternally lucky to have Geert Wilders on their side. That man needs to hold their highest office if they have any chance of reversing the serious damage done. But, Wilders can't do it alone. The Dutch people need to start agitating just like the Muslims did, for common sense to reign again.

Anonymous said...

Behind this seeming national and continent-wide surrender to Islam there may lie the beast of the EU with its agreements with the OPEC countries, begun in the 70s, to facilitate the 'emigration' of unlimited numbers of Moslems into the EU member states in return for greater, cheaper access to Middle Eastern oil supplies. This also involved 'adjustments' (accommodation, acquiescence and submission) of Europeans to Islamic laws, practices and values which would certainly explain quite a bit of this civilisational surrender. However, old cynic that I am, I believe one should not rule out that this level of wholesale treason is only managed by considerable financial inducements, largesse, bribes at every level of political, religious, media and academia --- quite a bit of it accomplished, no doubt, with appeals to altruism and international 'peace.' The Islamic world has been awash in oil profits for decades and Islamic law, almost since Islam's beginnings, has recognised the use of Zakat ('charity') as a means to "reconcile the hearts" of those not yet Moslem, particularly the "chief personages of a people (with weak Islamic intentions) whose Islam may be expected to improve, or whose peers may be expected to enter Islam". Greed has a lot to do with this civilisational sell-out.

Anonymous said...

The Hijab has started to become a regular sight in my part of the UK now. About 5 years ago it was indeed a rarity.
Islam actually tried to conquer Europe and it all culminated at the Battle of Tours as well as the Siege of Vienna.
Our traitor leaders are disrespecting the dead of those battles, I want you all to know this the next time you consider calling people with anti Islamic views 'racist'.
It is the revolting traitors like you who are the ultimate sinners.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I think this timeline format really makes an impression. I may expand this and do chronologies for other countries too. It would probably need to be a collaborative effort, with people suggesting additions in the comments or some kind of wiki thing.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

If anyone wants to submit skeleton timelines for their (European) country, go ahead and we can use that as a base to build on.

Anonymous said...

The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634)
The Jihad against Zoroastrian Persians of Iran, Baluchistan and Afghanistan (634 to 651)
The Jihad against the Byzantine Christians (634 to 1453)
The Jihad against Christian Coptic Egyptians (640 to 655)
The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubians - modern Sudanese (650)
The Jihad against pagan Berbers - North Africans (650 to 700)
The Jihad against Spaniards (711 to 730)
The Reconquista against Jihad in Spain (730 to 1492)
The Jihad against Franks - modern French (720 to 732)
The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 to 940)
The Jihad against Chinese (751)
The Jihad against Turks (651 to 751)
The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920)
The Crusade against Jihad (1096 – 1291 ongoing)
The Jihad against Mongols (1260 to 1300)
The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 to 1857)
The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 to 1500)
The Jihad against Poland (1444 to 1699)
The Jihad against Romania (1350 to 1699)
The Jihad against Russia (1500 to 1853)

Anonymous said...

The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 to 1843)
The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 to 1920)
The Jihad against Greeks (1450 to 1853)
The Jihad against Albania (1332 - 1853)
The Jihad against Croatia (1389 to 1843)
The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 to 1683)
The Jihad against Austrians (1683)
Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)
The Jihad against Israelis (1948 – 2004 ongoing)
The Jihad against Americans (9/11/2001)
The Jihad against the British (1947 onwards)
The Jihad against the Germans (1945 onwards)
The Jihad against the Filipinos in Mindanao(1970 onwards)
The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku and East Timor (1970 onwards)
The Jihad against Russians (1995 onwards)
The Jihad against Dutch and Belgians (2003 onwards)
The Jihad against Norwegians and Swedes (2003 onwards)
The Jihad against Thais (2003 onwards)
The Jihad against Nigerians (1965 onwards)
The Jihad against Canadians (2001 onwards)
The Jihad against Latin America (2003 onwards)
The Jihad against Australia (2002 onwards)
The Global Jihad today (2001 – ongoing)
The War on Terror against Jihad today (2001– ongoing)

Chech video infiltrating mosques: I, a Muslim

Anonymous said...

The above links were in a file I kept and haven't checked in years. Hope they help

Anonymous said...

The Pinnacle of Islamic Insanity

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 30 August 23.23 HISTORY OF JIHAD

Thank you a lot for the links you gave us as reference. They are of great help to understand the historian collelation. I will sure make use of them and pass them further.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 30 Augustus 23.23

Sorry for the spelling errors. I mean Historian correlation.

Jake-a-runi said...

Fortis Bank takes the saving piggy bank’s out of circulation to avoid bothering Muslims.

Muslims should be "taken out of circulation" through to the Bosphorous. Europe is for Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Life under Adolph Hitler would be preferable to the nightmarish future that Europe is bringing down upon itself in the name of 'multi-culturalism'.

Anonymous said...

the dutch people need to face the fact that their leftist politicans like the muslims better then they like the dutch.

Anonymous said...

"A Christian school serves a halal Christmas meal."
That actually never happened in the end. Still it's a pretty crazy idea

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks for the info. This is a translation, but I will maybe create another version of it, editing the original and adding details to it.

Full Auto said...

Nations can and have survived wars, economic disasters, plague, disease, and famine but no nation can nor ever has survived racial dissolution.

For the first time in recorded history a major indigenous population, those of European descent, are voluntarily becoming a minority in their own homelands. They have invited into their lands their eventual masters. The enormity of the tragedy is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 31th August 16.30

Alas, this is the core truth: not only for leftist politicans in the Nehterlands, but (to an extent) for all the political echelon; (except of Wilders). All Political parties had taken part in the Dhimituding proces in the country. By the way, the same Dhimituding proces is taking place in more countries. For example : France, Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden. In Denmark the Danish People Party (DF) is the first party in Europe to show though resistance. In the government of Andres Fough Rasmussen, DF was responsible for hard line against Islam and against immigration.

Robert Jackson said...

you get what you allow and you deserve what you get.

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