Monday, 26 August 2013
The internet is fuelling intolerance and hatred, according to Lord Sacks.
He said he has grown increasingly alarmed by how hate-filled material can be spread on social networks with apparent impunity.

The Chief Rabbi, who will continue to campaign on the issue after he retires next week, said the law should be extended to force internet service providers and the owners of social networks and other websites to remove material that would otherwise be classed as ‘hate speech’.

He said: ‘It’s very difficult, but they do have to be vigilant, and they have to take hate speech off their websites as soon as they discover it.’

He stressed that he was not against new technology – Lord Sacks has his own Facebook and Twitter accounts – but highlighted the damaging effects of the anonymity available online.

‘We are worried about the social media because you can post abusive comments without the person being in your physical presence,’ he said. ‘That anonymity and that distance mean that the internet is one of the great carriers of prejudice and paranoia, and I don’t take it lightly.’
Source: Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

The Chief Rabbi can Foxtrot Oscar as far as I'm concerned. He'd spend his time far more productively by examining who is largely to blame for the the third world invasion of western countries.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

'hate speech'...lashon hora, 'evil speech' in Talmudic Judaism. To speak negatively of someone, or something, even if it is true, a fact, is wrong and comparable in terms of sinning, to idolatry, sexual immorality or murder. The reasoning behind this being that, since all humans are weak and supposedly seeking to better themselves, speaking negatively and thus ignoring the goodness in them, is an impediment to God's plans for humanity. Sounds kind, but that is not how it's working out in the Western world: whether you believe in a deity or not, most people regard free will, free speech and free belief as essential to their lives and development. We have laws in the West for slander and libel; that should be sufficient. The freedoms we enjoy, and which are our birthrights, were hard come by, with blood, and should not be surrendered, however 'hateful' a hearer may deem them. "The Truth shall set you free."

Reality Check said...

The obvious problem with banning 'hate speech' is who gets to decide what is hate speech. Is criticism and mockery of Judaism, Islam and Christianity hate speech? Criticizing or mocking minorities hate speech? Criticizing or mocking white people hate speech? Put me in charge and I will decide for you!

Anonymous said...

@Reality Check asks the right question. What is hate speech? In my point of view: ‘hate speech’ is saying, or writing, ugly things that are fundamental wrong and have nothing to do with reality. For example: writing that people from island X, or country Y are cannibals. Just for the fun of depicting them that way. But. Is it wrong to criticize Islam as a religion of blood shed? The terror attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon speak for themselves. The war in Syria shows above all how Muslims are conducting business. Is depicting Muslims and African refugees and immigrants as a hazard, a hate speech? Reality points out, they are coming as Trojans (or HIV viruses) into Europe and form directly a serious threat to our life, country and civilization. When the people of Chief Rabbi ‘Lord Sucks’ could find during WWII a shelter, they had surely been so grateful, they had kiss the ground of the country that had saved them. I mean the way Jews were been saved by the Danes and were brought to Sweden. Unfortunately; this is not the way Muslims and Africans are looking at reality. When a Muslims ‘refugee’ arrives in a country like Denmark (or the Netherlands) he brings Al Quida sympathy with him and look upon the locals as Dhimmies. When a airliner is about to touch down at the Airport of Arlanda (Stockholm) or Oslo, regular passengers are fetching their seat belts. The African or Muslim refugees are busy to unzip their trousers and be on STAND BY in order to rape the fist woman or girl they will encounter on the ground of their new country. See link: and With all respect for the chief Rabbi, he can better inspire himself by his Talmud or what so ever studies. Not interfere in business he has no knowledge of. The time of political correctness is coming, slowly, to an end. If the regular Social sites will try to be smart and block FREE SPEECH, they should be replaced by new sites.

Anonymous said...

As usual, religion (it's normally Islam !)trying to control free speech. They cannot stand criticism.
Also, these people should not be able to control the internet.

Anonymous said...

"hate sppech" I'm sure the nazi's would've just loved that term.
The new nazi's are the left.



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