Thursday, 8 August 2013

Last Sunday evening, the local police detected two thieves in Rocafonda who were stealing a motorbike. When they were noticed, the two thieves took flight, pursued by the two officers. To avoid being arrested, they went inside a mosque. When the police also burst in there, it provoked a great stir among the worshippers who were praying at that moment.

The Mossos d'Esquadra [tn: Catalonian police] had to act to calm tempers, but they were not able to avoid a stone being thrown which impacted on the helmet of a local officer, for which he had to be hospitalised. In this incident, the city government recognises that the officers went too far in bursting into the place of worship without permission.
Source: La Vanguardia H/T: Maria José

Note that the entry of two caught-in-the-act criminals into the mosque didn't provoke a stir, just the entry of two police officers. Also notice that some new legal principle has been de facto established that mosques now have some special status and are outwith the normal jurisdiction of Spanish law. Police officers need permission before they are allowed to enter them. And the local government, like good dhimmis, simply accepts this and meekly apologises!

Incidentally, this is exactly the same place where a 150-strong mob attacked the police not long ago, saying "We rule here". It looks like they were right.


Christian Honkanen said...

Curious. Is the Imam at the mosque insisting on the amputation of their hands, or is it only thievery when it's against fellow muslims? Islam has a long tradition of taking slaves and booty from non-muslims. Can you imagine Christ declaring such a thing? It doesn't take much digging to reveal the dark heart of Islam and its founder.

Pray for the liberation of the 1.6 billion souls trapped in submission (Islam). Through God (YHWH) all things are possible.

Jon MC said...

No surprise there.
It is a cardinal rule of Islam that Muslims must defend each other from attack by "kafirs".
And in the UK, according to ACPO guidance, a Muslim house must be treated as reverentially as a mosque.

Anonymous said...

Jon Mc:

What does ACPO guidelines say about churches
and homes of christians?

Jake-a-runi said...

In a sane world, atheists would run governments and religionists would not get their first concession until they produce this god, or their coterie thereof, for laboratory verification.

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