Monday, 5 August 2013
In another of the districts with the greatest number of immigrants in Mataró, Rocafonda, a zone where the police maintain a special watch to avoid the re-occurrence of incidents between neighbours, on Thursday a patrol of the Mossos d'Esquadra [tn: Catalan police] had to flee to avoid being attacked by a crowd.

The incident took place after a marked vehicle, with a Catalan police patrol in it, noticed two "jóvenes" [young people] running away when they saw them coming. After catching up on the two "jóvenes" with the car, with the siren and emergency lights activated, a crowd of around 150 North Africans gathered around the officers, insulting and threatening them, after which they felt obligated to take refuge inside the vehicle.
While the police requested reinforcements, the crowd of North Africans were shaking and violently striking the vehicle, shouting "that they should leave the district, that they ruled there and they didn't want to see the police" according to witnesses present at the scene, whom La Vanguardia has spoken to.

Faced with the violent turn the situation was taking, the officers opted to leave, although the following day they returned to the home of one of the two "jóvenes" to proceed with his arrest.
Source: La Vanguardia H/T: Maria José

UPDATE: Here is a video of the area. H/T: Steen

Not sure if this is video of some of the incident or not. I don't know Catalan but based on its similarity to Castilian, the text in the video may be disputing the police account, saying "this is what really happened." In either case it shows you how Muslim-colonised the area is. I'll be posting about some more stories from this district later.


Anonymous said...

Why not send them back to where they came from revolking their citizenship and confiscating all of their assets???

Steen said...

Anonymous said...

Ship'em all back to Musulmania.

Maria José said...

La concejal advierte que "tampoco permitiremos que se defienda a los delincuentes amparados en acusaciones de racismo"

Se han llegado a recibir llamadas-trampa en la central de la policía advirtiendo de una falsa agresión a un agente.

Al llegar la patrulla al lugar de la denuncia, fueron apedreados por un pequeño grupo de personas

Jake-a-runi said...

There is no substitute for deIslamification.

cecilhenry said...

The problem is:

"Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone!! NO!"

Multiculturalism is worse than murder. It is worse than mass murder, being akin to genocide.

Whites have become the ultimate refugees, lost at home, refugees in their own nations, wanderers in their own cities.

The citizen of the first world often finds that he seems to belong less in his own country than the refugees flooding it.

DIVERSITY is just a codeword for anti-white. More diverse = less white.

Ariel Eckblad said...

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