Thursday, 8 August 2013

Catalonia has suffered much more Muslim colonisation than other parts of Spain. In part this is driven by the kind of nationalistic lunacy that says Arabic-speaking Muslims make better immigrants for Catalonia than the Spanish-speaking Latin Americans more common in other parts of Spain because Latin Americans would reinforce the dominance of Castilian.

One of the themes of Catalan nationalism is that Catalonia is more French than Spanish. Indeed, there are Catalan territories in France too. As I read stories from Catalonia, more and more I am reminded of the kind of events we normally see in France. Muslim colonisation is taking exactly the same course in both places, with the formation of no-go areas where even the police fear to tread.

I posted earlier about a Muslim mob attacking police.

Then Muslim thieves took refuge in a mosque when running away from the police. The "worshippers" attacked the police when they entered the mosque. It's not clear whether the thieves were apprehended or not.

Here's another story.
Last Tuesday, in front of the mosque that the sub-Saharan community has in Batista i Roca street in the Cerdanyola district in Mataró, a homophobic provocation resulted in attempted murder and the arrest of a local person. Shortly after midnight, a young couple in a car with the windows open and music playing at full volume stopped outside the Muslim place of worship, in the middle of Ramadan. The faithful did not take long to come out and start berating the noise-makers, a boy and a girl, who opted to leave amidst insults. However, shortly afterwards, the boy, apparently in an inebriated state, returned to the scene armed with a machete and burst into the mosque brandishing the weapon, for which he was subdued and repeatedly struck by some of the people present. The presumed attacker entered Mataró hospital and afterwards was arrested by the Mossos d'Esquadra accused of making threats and attempted assault.
Source: La Vanguardia

Yes another example: an ambush the Muslims set up for the police. This is a classic French-type story. It happens all the time there. But now it's happening in Catalonia too.
Such has been the tension these confrontations have generated in the city that, according to the councillor for Via Pública and the interim mayoress of Mataró, Núria Calpe, there have been "trap calls" to the police headquarters reporting a false attack on an officer. When a patrol arrived at the scene, stones were thrown at it by a small group of persons. With that, the councillor warns that "we won't let criminals defend themselves with accusations of racism." Calpe also refers to the controversy stirred up on the social networks, where "a video has even been manipulated to distort what happened in one of the police actions."
Source: La Vanguardia

Next up we have a mob gathering in front a police station to demand the release of arrested criminals. Now where have we seen that before?
Based on the pacification initiatives launched by the local government, some political forces in Mataró, such as the PP [tn: Partido Popular, mainstream right-wing party, currently in power in Spain] have already announced a battery of questions for the next meeting of the local council. At the same time it has criticised the gathering in front of the police station to demand the liberty of the two people arrested last Friday. The PP laments the fact that "local police and Mossos d'Esquadra are being persecuted by the same radicals as always", referring to the CUP [tn: left-wing separatist party] from which they have a screen capture with a Twitter message from the separatists: "All our support to those arrested in the racist actions, enough persecution of immigration." With that, the PP denounces, to quote, "the connections between radical groups and young North Africans who are often petty criminals."
Source: La Vanguardia

All of these stories relate to the same Catalan city, Mataró.

H/T: Maria José for all of these stories

Catalonia used to at least have a visible political party that was resisting the Islamic onslaught, the Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC). Recently, however, it seems to have fallen apart. Accusations of mismanagement and incompetence have been made against its leader, Josep Anglada, and some elected councillors recently resigned from the party. In part the split is driven by Catalan separatism. Anglada has declared some sympathy with separatism but others in the anti-Islamic movement wish to remain part of Spain. Gerard Bellalta's party Partit Espanyol de Catalunya is emerging as a possible alternative vehicle for people who wish to oppose Islam but keep Catalonia within Spain. Bellalta's home was recently attacked by Catalan separatists. Muslims have allied with the separatist movement and Muslim associations have called for immigrants to be allowed to participate in any referendum on Catalan independence that takes place.


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