Thursday, 29 August 2013
The Mossos d'Esquadra [tn: Catalonian police] have created a register of Muslim women who wear the burka. In a story on its front page, the Catalonian newspaper El Periódico says that for the last year police officers have been noting down and registering cases of women who wear the niqab or burka.

According to this information, various police units of the Generalitat [tn: Catalonian government] have received instructions to note down and relay internally every new case of women dressed in these Islamic garments. Investigators see a relationship between the use of this attire and the flourishing of Salafism in the region.

The police of the Generalitat want to know how many niqabs and burkas are being used in Catalunya, in what areas, and, insofar as possible, identify the women who are wearing this garment.

The creation of this registry is related to the Generalitat's aim of banning the use of the full veil in public spaces.

Catalunya has been to the forefront of taking measures against the use of the burka, although they have not been free of controversy. Besides, the use of the burka has raised the question of religious liberty.

This is exactly the argument that was put forward in the judgement of the Supreme Court which struck down the burka ban in Lleida. The high court indicated that a town council had no power to regulate or take a decision in a matter concerning religious liberty.
Source: H/T: Maria José


Anonymous said...

Good! A sensible first step in the right direction. If they refuse to show their faces in public its only right we (i.e. the authorities) know who they are. There have also been various reports in the past of men hiding beneath the full length covering.

I do hope the rest of Europe - and the west in general for that matter - follows France's lead and bans face covering altogether. It really is an intimidating dress, especially when there is a crowd of them.

I recently visited a bank in London, and after queuing for several minutes a group of Muslim women entered. Two stood by the door and the other 3 joined the queue behind me. Not a single bank employee or security official asked them to remove the covering, yet there are clear signs on all the entrances that helmets etc must be removed.

Why are Muslims exempt from this? Surely it should be one rule for all. But once again we see the double standards in Europe with Muslims not having to abide by the rules imposed on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Sharia Law has been invoked, and complied with, by European governments for many years now and until Europeans rise up and demand or take steps themselves to force deportation of Moslems, the situation will only worsen. Under Sharia Law, non-Moslems do not have equal legal or social rights. Those who understand this have a moral responsibility to speak up and demand and agitate for the proscription of this ideology which is antithetical to Western laws.

Anonymous said...

just boot them out. Quicker, safer and will save a fortune in welfare.
Paris Claims

Maria José said...


Un comunicado islamista acusa al Govern de "gestos nazis" por la polémica sobre el burka

Un comunicado firmado por 'Africamuslima', afín al grupo Al Qaeda en el Magreb Islámico, reprocha "los gestos nazis del gobierno catalán' después de las informaciones aparecidas en la prensa sobre que el Departamento de Interior controla las musulmanas con burka para intensificar la vigilancia del salafismo en Cataluña.

El texto pone de manifiesto que "este paso que ha dado el gobierno autonómico catalán no quedará sin respuesta".


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