Thursday, 15 August 2013
Berlin, you are so wonderful
The drag artist Estelle van der Rhone was physically attacked in front of a bar in Mehringdamm. According to Rhone, the background was that a young man felt provoked by his women's clothing.

The current "Miss CSD" [Christopher Street Day], was spat on and beaten on Sunday evening in front of the bar "Rauschgold" on Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg. The 28-year-old drag artist Estelle van der Rhone filed a complaint about the incident on Monday via the police internet service. There he said that he was with friends in the bar in Mehringdamm. Apparently "young men with an immigrant background" felt provoked by the women's clothing the drag artist was wearing. They are said to have initially spat on him and insulted him.

Then one of the group struck the 28-year-old on the upper body with his fist. As the victim called for help, the attackers ran away.

The complaint does not specify clearly the content of the insults, said the police, therefore so far it has not been possible to classify the incident as a homophobic attack.
Source: Via: PI

Kreuzberg is one of the most Muslim-colonised parts of Berlin.


Anonymous said...

And still gays whine and complain on how intolerant post-christian societies are when it comes to homosexuals.

Sometimes i wish they were packed to iran so they could see what is real tolerance.

Anonymous said...

The blunt reality, which no one ever acknowledges in this issue of Islam and homosexuality/lesbianism etc, is that Islam exalts sexual perversion (paedophilia) and that, in surveys conducted by homosexual groups themselves, homosexuals admit, by a significantly high percentage. to having had sexual 'relations' with a pre-pubescent child. This is constantly denied by the homosexual/lesbian agenda but that belies their concentration on propagandising children (from kindergarten onwards), trying to deny psychiatric help to kids who want some guidance away from this perversion (in the US, the homosexual lobby are trying to pass legislation denying kids such access to treatment), and the high level of suicide indicates, along with the huge medical problems homos and lesbos experience, that this perverted conduct is as deadly to the general society as it is to the individual. This is partly why the Left (and the UN and the EU and USA) are pushing pervert 'marriage.' It destabilises societies, inflicts them with many medical problems (including infertility) and these serve as population reduction means in the West, and denigrate the masculine and feminine natures which are necessary to protect, preserve and extend healthy societies.

Islam, although it has laws/mandates calling for death for homosexuals and lesbians, only disapproves of the outward displays. Islamic societies, because of their unnatural and enforced segregation of the sexes, actually encourage homosexuality and lesbianism. This is partly why so much of the Left is quiet about Islam in relation to the "gay" issue. If societies and countries become more Islamicised, that means the opportunities for sexual abuse of pre-pubescents, and teenagers increases and the possibilities of their victims being heard and protected is massively reduced because of the protection given to Islam as a 'religion.' People who think that "gays" will suffer under Islam, haven't yet realised the full extent to which homos/lesbos target children, nor of how many pre-pubescent children are consistently sexually abused in islamic societies (boys and girls, the former through sodomy and the latter through 'thighing' and 'marriage').

ครีมยางพารา said...

you are so wonderful.

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