Monday, 19 August 2013
The Board of Procurators General, which is responsible for the development and coordination of criminal policy, is making fighting cyber hate a priority. According to a circular concerning the investigation and prosecution policy of discrimination and hate crimes, "Particular attention will be paid to crime that is committed on the internet and social networks".

It is a joint circular from the Minister of Justice, the Interior Minister and the Board of Procurators General, which entered into force on 17 June 2013. The new guidelines have arrived to standardise the investigation and prosecution for the offences, which fall under the anti-discrimination, gender and anti-racism laws.

"It appears that, in practice, the legislation on discrimination and hate crimes is not always clear and not always applied correctly," says the circular. According to the College for Improvement, the cooperation between the prosecution, police and the social inspectorate could be improved.

Objectives and Priorities

The circular explains clearly that the prosecution will "efficiently identify and register acts of discrimination and hate crimes; make the police, the relevant social inspectorate aware of the problems and the existing legislation; (..) pay close attention to the detection of crime committed over the Internet, and develop specific collaborations."

Both the prosecution, labor auditors, the federal and local police get "reference magistrates" or “reference officials” who will be responsible for acts of discrimination and hate crimes. “The police set up a report and send it to the prosecutor, or the labor prosecutor with any evidence or factual determination of hate crimes; even if they believe that there is no crime. It is up to the public prosecutor or the labour prosecutor to determine whether or not there is a crime”, said the circular. The police are also asked "to pay the necessary attention (to) each complaint and not to trivialise them."


The circular also lays down procedures in discovering crimes on the Internet. "The term 'cyber hate covers hateful expressions (stalking, harassment, insults, discriminatory remarks) on the internet against people because of their color, their so-called race, their origin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their philosophical or religious beliefs, their disability, their illness, their age”; said the circular.


Anonymous said...

How nice to show the real dictatorial Soviet spirit of the Belgian left wing and liberal "democrates". This is how European democracy works anno 2013. Free opinions and free speech are long as the opinions do not oppose the opinions the ideology of the leading echelon.

Anonymous said...

Belgium is so close to civil war and total, systemic collapse that this initiative is meaningless. The Belgians will very soon have much, much worse things to worry about than people saying mean things on the Internet.

The truth is hate speech for those who hate the truth.

A "racist" is simply someone who believes his own eyes and ears, instead of state propaganda.

Anonymous said...

That happens when the Interior Minister is of the Chosen Ones' race.
Belgian Politics is typically Marxist-Zionist in nature.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 20 August 14.16 h.
"Belgian Politics is typically Marxist-Zionist in nature". That's very funny!. Left wingers and especially the Marxists hate Jews to the guts. They would like to join forces with the sand niggers in the Middle East to wipe the state of Israel and the Jews from Planet Earth. After they had done with them, they will march together to the second goal: ruin all nation states in Europe, enslave locals and establish a European Khaliphat led by the Sharia law. If the Interrior Minister is a left wing Jew, than he is a real Sicko. A normal person does not join forces with his enemies.

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