Tuesday, 27 August 2013
Michel Godart was fired at 16 times for having complained about "jeunes" who were making a ruckus.

Michel Godart lives in the Gayolles à Gilly housing estate, a place where, for some time, life hasn't been good.

According to the locals, the district is regularly squatted by a gang of "jeunes". “Not kids here. They're troublemakers who ... come from elsewhere," explains Jean, a local who prefers to remain anonymous.

On Friday evening, the gang came back and was rather noisy. Around midnight, Michel Godart (55) came out to tell them off. “They left the scene but one of them came back to kick me in the stomach," explains the victim who, this Sunday, is reluctant to go back to his home.

A quarter of an hour later, while the resident was still in front of his door, one of the "jeunes" came back, armed with a large-calibre weapon. "He fired in the direction of me and my son. I saw the flames in the dark and the impacts on the front of the building caused splinters that struck us. It wasn't far away. He was shooting to kill. Fortunately, we were able to take cover before being hit," continues the man in his 50s.

Once they had been informed, the local Charleroi police came and inspected the scene. In total, sixteen bullet casings were recovered on the spot. Seven bullets had riddled the facade of the house and three others penetrated the chassis of the vehicle belonging to the injured party.

On Saturday morning the duty magistrate of the procecutor's office of Charleroi came to the scene, followed by the examining magistrate Véronique Desneux and a ballistics expert. The latter determined that the shots had been fired at head height, which would imply murderous intent. The case has also been classed as attempted murder.

For now, no suspects have been identified but the inquiry continues.
Source: Dhnet.be


Anonymous said...

More multi culti "enrichment" brought to you by the religion of peace!

Anonymous said...

Whatever will we do without diviserty! Oh wait live in peace.

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